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A room such as a bedroom must be comfortable, cozy and pleasing to the eye, since a person spends about a third of his life there every day. It may not seem very important to many what the room in which he sleeps looks like, because in fact you see him least of all, but psychologists have long proved the influence of what surrounds you before bed on the psyche and mood of a person.

small bedroom designWhen the bedroom is small, you want to place everything you need in it so that it is as functional as possible, but at the same time it is not too cluttered, because there should also be free space for moving. At the same time, the sleeping room should remain convenient, comfortable and stylish. Can all this be combined in the smallest bedroom? Easy!

Of course, a small bedroom has a number of disadvantages, but before you get upset, look at the problem from a different angle. A small bedroom can become a real cozy nest, but making a spacious room cozy is much more difficult. And only when trying to equip a miniature room, all your talents appear, because you need to choose the right furniture, color, try to visually expand the space, and at the same time create a harmonious interior. We hope the tips below will help you.

# 1. Using light colors

Light shades in the design of small rooms are the easiest way to make it visually larger and this is the method used by both professional and novice designers, since this is a win-win option. Light shades, as it were, expand the space, make it lighter, fresher, more graceful. You can also use one trick – paint the ceiling the same color as the walls.
small bedroom design light shades 2

It is not necessary to use only white color, which causes not the most pleasant sensations for many, and it can not always give the room the proper comfort. All pastel shades are quite suitable: cream, peach, beige, as well as light delicate shades of blue, light green, pink, etc. If you want to give the room uniqueness and originality, then against the general background of pastel shades one of the walls can be painted in some kind of contrasting color. It is with this technique that you can solve the problem of a long narrow room, place the necessary accents. An accent wall can be obtained by painting it in a different color, pasting it over with bright wallpaper, using photo wallpaper.

small bedroom design light shades

small bedroom designUsing photo wallpaper in the bedroom is one way to highlight the wall in the interior. It is the photo wallpaper that can give the room a feeling of additional space, if they depict some landscapes with a pronounced perspective. And if at the same time you use the backlight for them correctly, then you can achieve completely wonderful results.

small bedroom design wall mural

small bedroom design photo wallpaper 2

By the way, if you decide to finish the floor with laminate or parquet, then, hopefully, there is no need to say that it should also be light shades. And one more detail: it can be laid diagonally, and not in the usual way, – this will create a feeling of more space.

design of a small bedroom diagonal laminate

# 2. Choosing the right furniture

Another important condition that must be observed when arranging a small bedroom is the choice of the right furniture: it should be functional, take up as little space as possible and be simple, not pretentious. Try to use the minimum necessary set of furniture, do not waste space between the elements, give preference to lower furniture. So, you can choose a low bed, in the Japanese style, and then the room will seem visually more spacious. Another interesting trick is to use a bed on the podium, which can simultaneously become a storage place for numerous things. It’s even hard to believe right away how many things can fit there.

Instead of massive floor lamps, it is better to use wall sconces: precious square centimeters of area will be preserved without loss of overall functionality. Bedside tables can also be replaced with something more elegant: bookcases, shelving, low console, etc., you can also use tall narrow cabinets. All the little things can be folded over the bed if you organize a shelf there. In general, in small bedrooms, it is better to transfer storage systems from a horizontal plane to a vertical one, and organize shelves up to the ceiling: they can replace even the most massive dressers in capacity.

If the bedroom has a place for a wardrobe and wardrobes, then preference should be given to mirrored sliding wardrobes as simple as possible in shape.

When choosing furniture and arranging it, use one simple rule: so that an already miniature bedroom does not turn into a closet or closet, do not overdo it with pieces of furniture. There should be items related only to sleep or relaxation, and an abundance of bookshelves, chairs and unnecessary accessories, perhaps, will find a place in the adjacent rooms.

No. 3. Bed without headboard

A bed without a headboard is a surefire way to give your bedroom a little extra space. In most cases, in small bedrooms, the bed is moved to the wall, and then, without a headboard, it may not look very comfortable. In this case, the problem will be solved by a self-created headboard on the wall above the bed. It can be organized from pillows, you can simply upholster the section of the wall above the bed with textiles. You can also decorate this part with a parquet board, use it as a place for hanging photos, fixing shelves, etc.
design of a small bedroom headboard

No. 4. We use mirrors

Hanging mirrors in your bedroom is another simple and reliable way to make your bedroom look bigger. If you correctly position a mirror on the floor in the room, you can get the illusion of additional space, and the bedroom, while remaining exactly the same in size, will already seem more spacious. All this is due to the fact that the mirror doubles the space. Any mirror surfaces have the same properties, so such accessories, pieces of furniture and decor should be used in the design of a small bedroom.

Glossy surfaces have the same effect as mirrors, and special paints can be used to create them. But for this it is necessary that the walls are perfectly even, otherwise the gloss will accentuate all the flaws of the surface. Glossy stretch ceilings will also be able to visually expand the space, and even a dark color is often quite appropriate here, but it is still better to stay on light shades.
small bedroom design stretch ceilings

No. 5. We leave the space near the door free

This is another little trick that many of us are not aware of. The space near the door to the bedroom must definitely remain free if you want to visually expand the room. It’s good if nothing stands at all from the door to the wall opposite, but in the smallest bedroom, this is difficult to achieve, so the minimum number of items at the maximum distance from the door is the best option.
small bedroom design space near the door

№6. We optimize space

When you start arranging your own bedroom, try to look at it differently. You may have never noticed a high ceiling or wide window sill, which can come in handy in the arrangement. So, if the ceiling is high enough, then you can turn the bedroom into a real dream and organize the second tier, and already place a sleeping place on it, leaving the first floor for storage systems, dressing table, table and other necessary pieces of furniture. A wide window sill will also help to equip additional places for relaxation: there you can organize a small sofa, decorating it with bright cushions that can distract from the main drawback of the room – its diminutiveness.

design of a small bedroom two levels

small bedroom design wide window sill

No. 7. Minimum of ornaments and heavy shapes

The simpler the interior of the bedroom, the better it will reflect on its perception. Give preference to light solid colors, simple lines, light fabrics. So, it is better to decorate the window with simple light curtains, and not massive curtains. In this case, it is better to abandon large drawings, intricate ornaments, and roller or roman blinds would be an ideal option. While maintaining all those functions that are necessary for curtains, they take up a minimum of space and do not constrict space.
design of a small bedroom minimalism 2

Using massive, heavy accessories will also not add extra space to a small bedroom. In general, there should be a minimum of decor in such a room, but there is no way to go without it. One or two paintings or photographs will only decorate and diversify the simple interior of a small bedroom, but a huge number of them will play a cruel joke. The bedroom can be decorated with fresh flowers, small souvenirs and other items, but the main thing is to observe the measure and know the line between taste and taste well.
design of a small bedroom minimalism

It’s a great idea to hang a large picture or poster on one of the walls. This technique will help divert attention from the area of ​​the room, riveting your eyes.

No. 8. Correct lighting

The correct natural and artificial lighting is a guarantee that the room will not appear smaller than it is, as well as a chance to make it visually more spacious. Therefore, it is so important to use light translucent curtains, and when organizing a lighting system, make it multi-level. Separately you need to highlight the bed area, dressing room and work area, niches and recess. Do not be afraid to experiment and use the most daring lighting solutions, but do not go too far with unusualness. A multi-level lighting system will help make the room more voluminous and spacious.
small bedroom lighting design 2

There is another problem that owners of a small bedroom may face – the lack of natural lighting, i.e. lack of windows. This can happen after a not entirely successful redevelopment, adaptation to a bedroom of a room not intended for this, and in a number of other cases. The way out is to create the effect of the presence of a window: you can attach a real frame to the wall, equip it with photowall-paper, a mirror or stained-glass window, lighting and curtains, you can draw a window, make a partition in the next room transparent.
small bedroom lighting design

In conclusion

Whatever area the bedroom is, in any case, it can be stylishly decorated and made a center of coziness and relaxation. It is only important to maintain harmony, adhere to the chosen style and be able to combine pieces of furniture with each other and with accessories. For a small bedroom, interior styles such as minimalism, classic and Japanese style will be most appropriate.

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