7 tips for decorating a bathroom with wallpaper: choosing and gluing

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Thinking over the interior of the bathroom, the first thing we all think about is wall decoration. Of course, ceramic tiles are most often used for these purposes, which have proven themselves to be durable and resistant to difficult bathroom conditions. But if you are tired of standard solutions, then you can look towards the wallpaper. Do not rush to reject this option, because today there are materials on sale that are completely resistant to moisture and are capable of making the interior of the room at least original. Naturally, not every type of wallpaper is suitable for such a room, so before choosing, you should familiarize yourself with some tips for choosing and gluing wallpaper in the bathroom.

# 1. Wallpaper in the bathroom: advantages and disadvantages

What can make us abandon such a familiar and proven solution to decorating walls in a bathroom with tiles? The desire to diversify the interior, make it interesting and not boring, while maintaining durability. Many opponents of using wallpaper in the bathroom indicate their hygroscopicity and water permeability, as a result of which the wallpaper absorbs moisture, swells and becomes unusable in a very short time. But all this is typical only for some types of wallpaper, for example, paper, non-woven, fabric, etc.

wallpaper for bathroom

It is worth choosing the right type of wallpaper, and such a finish will bring a lot of advantages:

  • saving money and time, since any type of wallpaper will cost you much less than ceramic tiles, and gluing wallpaper is faster and easier than laying tiles;

  • a huge assortment of possible patterns, colors, textures, patterns, which allows you to decorate the bathroom in accordance with the design idea, making it truly original;

  • wallpaper is much easier not only to mount, but also to dismantle, if the need arises. This allows, if desired, to easily change the interior of the bathroom;
  • high maintainability. The damaged part of the wallpaper is easy to glue, without having to change the entire covering.

bathroom wallpaper 2

It is also worth noting that no matter how moisture-resistant the wallpaper is, it is still better not to use it in the shower corner. In this case, the most appropriate bathroom design option will be a combination of two finishing materials. In all other cases, a competent choice of wallpaper will allow you to create not only a high-quality finish in the bathroom, but an interesting interior.

Wallpaper for the bathroom, of course, must be moisture resistant: a sign with three waves warns about this quality of the material on the packaging. In addition, the glue must also be waterproof, which, in addition, must withstand temperature extremes, have excellent adhesion, and have antifungal properties.

# 2. Which wallpaper is suitable for the bathroom?

From the above requirements for wallpaper, it becomes clear that paper-based wallpaper is in no way suitable for the bathroom. In such conditions, you can use the following wallpapers:

bathroom wallpaper 3

No. 3. Vinyl wallpaper for the bathroom: advantages and gluing

Vinyl wallpaper is one of the best bathroom wallpaper options. They perfectly tolerate contact with water vapor, temperature drops and even direct contact with water and prolonged contact with it. Ideal for bathroom conditions. In addition, such a coating is perfectly washable, and its appearance remains unchanged for a long time: it is not even afraid of direct sunlight. In addition, this type of finish has a huge variety: you can find a color, shade, pattern and texture for every taste. But that’s not all. Such wallpapers are even able to hide some of the imperfections of the walls in the bathroom, and they can be used even in new buildings, so this is an excellent replacement for ceramic tiles. This is a durable finish, the only drawback of which is not the lowest price. In addition, the material does not allow air to pass through, but breathable vinyl wallpapers can also be found on sale, but they will cost an order of magnitude more.

vinyl wallpaper for bathroom

Vinyl wallpapers presented on the modern construction market are of several types. For bathroom conditions, smooth vinyl wallpaper is best, which can be a worthy replacement for ceramic tiles. Despite the name, their surface is not always smooth and may have some kind of embossed pattern. Wallpaper made of solid vinyl is the most modern material that is breathable and can imitate the surface of leather, stone, wood.

vinyl wallpaper for bathroom 2

Gluing vinyl wallpaper should not cause any particular difficulties, and consists of the following stages:

  • surface preparation and leveling of large defects;

  • cutting wallpaper into strips of the required length, taking into account the allowances at the top and bottom, as well as taking into account the comparison of the pattern, if any. The manufacturer indicates the necessary information for fitting the picture on the package;

  • the gluing itself, and you also need to look for information on the features of applying glue on the packaging of wallpaper, because some manufacturers provide for applying glue to the wall, others – on the wallpaper itself. The gluing is carried out end-to-end, it is better to work together, starting to glue the strip from top to bottom and in parallel rolling the wallpaper with a roller to displace excess glue and air bubbles;

  • wallpaper is glued end-to-end at a temperature of 20-240C and in the absence of drafts.

You can simplify your task when buying self-adhesive wallpaper: it is enough to slightly moisten them with water and press firmly against the wall.

vinyl wallpaper for bathroom 3

No. 4. Liquid wallpaper for the bathroom: features and installation

Liquid wallpaper is another great alternative to conventional ceramic tiles. Among their main advantages:

  • complete immunity to moisture and water vapor;
  • the most simple application process: no need to cut wallpaper, dilute glue, etc. Liquid wallpaper is somewhat reminiscent of plaster in terms of installation features;
  • the material perfectly permeates moisture, which can be called a clear advantage in a bathroom. In addition, liquid wallpaper provides additional heat and sound insulation;
  • the ability to create a unique interior using liquid wallpaper, because material of different colors can be combined with each other.

liquid wallpaper for bathroom 2

Experts advise covering liquid wallpaper after application with a layer of protective varnish in order to give them maximum resistance against moisture. In terms of application, liquid wallpaper is quite simple:

  • first you need to prepare the surface and prime. At the same time, you can start preparing liquid wallpaper by adding the amount of water specified in the instructions to the dry mixture;
  • apply wallpaper with a float in a uniform layer 2-3 mm thick;
  • once dry, you will appreciate the seamless surface. Also, don’t forget to apply a protective coat of varnish.

No. 5. Glass wallpaper for the bathroom: features and gluing

Glass fiber is made of glass melted and stretched into filaments, therefore the material itself is close in properties to glass, which, as you know, is not able to absorb moisture and change when interacting with it. Among other advantages of glass fiber wallpaper, it is worth noting the ability to pass air, but this material is not able to become a place for the development of mold. This is a durable finish that can even strengthen walls, and wallpaper can be glued to any type of surface. Glass fiber is very durable, withstand contact with water, washing, but their most interesting ability is the ability to stain, and several times. It will be very easy to update the bathroom environment, and the more obvious and deep the pattern on the surface of the wallpaper, the more times it will be possible to repaint it. Of the minuses, it is worth noting the not the lowest cost, the need to carefully select paint that has detergent properties, and a small selection of patterns and designs for fiberglass.

glass wallpaper for bathroom

The method of gluing fiberglass wallpaper is not much different from vinyl wallpaper: the sequence of actions is the same, only it is better to choose the glue that is designed specifically for fiberglass. It is better to choose acrylic or latex paint, but the color or their combination already depends on everyone’s preferences.

glass wallpaper for bathroom 2

No. 6. What other wallpaper can be used in the bathroom?

Among other wallpapers that are washable and resistant to moisture, metallic wallpaper can be distinguished. They are easy to care for, create a beautiful, refined interior, are durable, not susceptible to the development of fungus, and withstand contact with water. But before you stick them in the bathroom, you should think carefully, because this material does not allow air to pass through at all, so the room will have to be constantly ventilated or equipped with a powerful ventilation system. Even if this does not scare you, then it is better to decorate only one wall of the room in this way: firstly, it will help create a favorable microclimate, and, secondly, it will deprive the room of unnecessary glare and make it stylish, not pretentious.

metal wallpaper for bathroom

A rather bold decision would be to use photo wallpaper in the bathroom. They are able to make a room unique, visually expand the space, and give it a distinctive atmosphere. It is worth choosing those photowall-paper that has moisture-resistant properties, which is indicated on the packaging, but even such material is better to glue on the wall that is located away from water sources. Gluing photowall-paper requires maximum attention, because you need to accurately match the drawing, and for this it is better to mark the wall. In addition, the surface should be perfectly flat, and the wallpaper is protected from above with a layer of varnish.

wall mural for bathroom

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No. 7. What else to consider when choosing and gluing wallpaper in the bathroom?

Although many types of wallpaper are waterproof, it is still better not to use them where they will be in direct contact with water: above the sink or above the bathroom, in the shower corner. It is better to use tiles in these places, which can be simply intelligently combined with wallpaper, and then the interior will turn out not only practical, but also stylish.

When combining materials, you need to try to create a harmonious interior, designed in the same style, so do not use too many shades and different patterns in the same room, and remember the basic properties of colors. Light shades visually expand the room, while bright and dark ones act the other way around, so the former are suitable for small bathrooms, and the latter for spacious ones to make them more comfortable.

You also need to take into account the chosen style of the room. So, for a Provence-style bathroom, wallpaper with floral motifs is suitable, in the classic style – wallpapers in light shades, in a pop-art style interior you can combine several bright shades, and for minimalism choose discreet wallpapers using monochrome colors.

In conclusion

Wallpaper in the bathroom is a rather bold decision that will allow you to create a unique interior, but at the same time it will require you to be extremely careful when choosing materials and organizing the interior. Really high-quality materials will allow you to create a unique interior, which at the same time will be no less practical than bathrooms fully finished with ceramic tiles. And yet, once again I would like to note that the best option would be to combine wallpaper with tiles.

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