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What should be considered when choosing a material for cladding a house? First of all, these are performance properties and appearance. Metal siding is perfectly balanced in these parameters, and in addition has many other advantages. It is a steel panel coated with a polymer layer that can imitate timber, stone and other materials, and the color range is quite wide. On sale you can find material with different coatings and with different parameters. So how do you choose metal siding, and which manufacturers should you look out for?

# 1. What are the main properties of metal siding?

Metal siding is widely popular due to its many advantages:

  • strength and durability. For a very long time, the material retains its original appearance, so it does not need to be repaired regularly. Depending on the type of coverage, siding will last from 20 to 50 years;

  • resistance to precipitation, ultraviolet rays and temperature extremes;

  • fire safety, because the material does not support combustion;

  • resistance to moisture and the appearance of corrosion, which is achieved through a protective coating;

  • the ability to install on facades made of any materials;

  • attractive appearance;

  • relative ease of installation and ease of maintenance.
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Among the disadvantages, one can single out a higher price than, for example, vinyl siding, but the buyer receives a stronger and more durable material. Moreover, the weight of the metal siding sheets should also be taken into account, so it is important to perform calculations in advance and understand whether the building will withstand such additional weight. A similar calculation should be performed both for houses that are being built and for long-term ones.

# 2. Where can metal siding be used?

The properties of the material made it popular in different directions. Today, metal siding is used mainly in the following areas:

  • cladding of residential buildings, incl. country houses and summer cottages;
  • cladding of public buildings, incl. offices, cafes, shops;
  • facing of balconies;

  • arrangement of building facades, where resistance to fire and aggressive substances comes first;
  • erection of walls in the rapid construction of garages and warehouses.
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No. 3. What parameters should metal siding have?

On sale at the moment you can find metal siding, very different in parameters. This is due to the presence on the market of materials from different manufacturers and attempts to make siding more versatile and equally easy to use for different purposes.

The length of the sheet ranges from 50 cm to 6 m. Naturally, if it is necessary to cover the balcony, then there is no point in purchasing 6-meter sheets – they will be useful to those who want to equip the facade of a country house. The width is often 22.5 cm, but the thickness ranges from 0.35 to 0.65 mm, although some manufacturers produce sheets up to 4 mm thick. The profile height is on average 14 mm.
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No. 4. What is the best outdoor coating?

The steel layer is coated top and bottom with several layers of protective materials including zinc, primers and phosphate layers. The outer coating is different, gives the material different properties and affects the price.

At the moment, the most popular are the following types of coatings:

  • polyurethane. Siding with a similar coating is excellent for southern areas, as it has high strength and resistance to high temperatures;

  • pural provides durability at the level of 30 years, tolerates high temperatures well, mechanical damage and perfectly resists corrosion. This excellent performance is due to the addition of polyamide to the polyurethane;

  • plastisol provides the material with a durability of more than 30 years, high resistance to mechanical damage and increased corrosion resistance;

  • polyester. Siding with such a coating is cheaper than analogues, has the widest color gamut, pleases with excellent color fastness, can be used at high temperatures, but cannot boast of record durability and resistance to mechanical damage. Will last about 20 years;
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  • matte polyester has almost the same properties as its glossy counterpart, but still slightly surpasses it in durability, weather resistance and corrosion resistance. A matte finish is an added benefit as the facade will look more expensive and stylish;

  • polyvinylidene fluoride provides siding with a durability of over 50 years, resistance to high temperatures, mechanical damage, corrosion and precipitation.

No. 5. The appearance of metal siding

There are a lot of options for colors of metal siding, there are only about a hundred basic shades, and many manufacturers offer their own unique colors, thus expanding the decorative possibilities of the material. Finding the right shade for the facade of your house will not be difficult. Moreover, during use, the color almost does not fade, providing the house with an attractive look for many years.

Externally, sheets of metal siding can be flat, more often single or double herringbone siding is used, siding for a ship’s beam, a log, as well as siding completely imitating the surface of a tree or stone. In the collections of manufacturers you can find very high quality imitations of different types of wood and different types of stone.
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No. 6. What else to consider when choosing?

When buying metal siding, it is also important to pay attention to the following points:

  • it is better to purchase material with a thickness of at least 0.5 mm, such siding will last longer and be more durable;
  • the coating must be complete, because any crack will lead to the rapid spread of corrosion;

  • there should be no violations of the geometry such as waves and curvatures, otherwise the installation of such a siding will be greatly complicated or even impossible;

  • locks, with the help of which the sheets are attached to each other, must be securely connected. It’s easy to check before purchasing;

  • the name of the manufacturer plays an important role, since a self-respecting company that values ​​its name and reputation that has developed over the years will not produce poor quality goods.

No. 7. Best Metal Siding Manufacturers

TOP 5 global manufacturers of metal siding


RuukkiIt is a Finnish company founded over 50 years ago. At first she specialized in the production of metal tiles, and then she became a real leader in the production of metal building materials. The company’s products are in great demand in dozens of countries around the world, and the production of metal siding today occupies a key place. In extensive collections you can find material of any color and relief. Pural, matte pural, polyvinylidene fluoride, polyester and matt polyester are used as coatings.


AlcoaThe American company that produces aluminum-based siding is a leader in its field. The material is lightweight and has excellent performance properties. The assortment contains a huge number of shades of siding, it is widely represented in the domestic market, has received a lot of positive feedback, so it will serve faithfully for many years, becoming a real decoration of your home.

Corus Group

Corus GroupOne of the largest manufacturers of metal siding. The company was founded in 1999 as a result of the merger of the British company British Steel and the Norwegian Royal Hoogovens NV. Production is carried out in Britain and Holland, where they produce steel for shipbuilding, the automotive industry, as well as produce metal roofing and metal siding. The latter is manufactured taking into account the strictest world standards using modern equipment. The result is a material of more than 50 different shades, resistant to external influences and durable.


FlexospanThis American company has been present on the market since 1969, from a small production it has grown today to a true leader offering a huge range of metal products. The range of metal siding is huge and continues to expand every year as a reaction to consumer demand; it is not yet very extensively represented on the domestic market.

Gentek Building Products

Gentek Building ProductsA Canadian company that is well known to domestic consumers as a manufacturer of vinyl siding. The range also includes siding made on the basis of steel and aluminum. The products are sold in 140 countries around the world and are in growing demand due to the fact that the production is subject to strict control according to the most stringent standards.

TOP 5 Russian manufacturers of metal siding

Grand Line

Grand LineMetal siding under the Grand Line trademark is offered by the Metallist production association. The company has existed for more than 40 years, specializes in the production of metal structures, and recently has established itself as a leader in the domestic metal siding market. The company offers the material in different sizes and in over 50 shades. There is even a whole series with enhanced dirt-repellent properties. Prices are much lower than those of foreign manufacturers, and the quality is at the same level, which makes the company’s products widely popular.

Lipetsk plant of roll forming equipment

The enterprise was founded in 2003, uses modern equipment and high-quality domestic raw materials, which are supplied from the Novolipetsk Metallurgical Plant located nearby. This saves on transportation costs, which affects the price of the product. The company’s metal siding meets all international requirements.


SeverStalThe company was founded in 1993 on the site of the Cherepovets Metallurgical Plant. Today it has become a leader in the production of metal products, among other things, it also produces metal siding. It pleases with high quality and reasonable price, and the combination of these two qualities provide the company’s products with wide popularity and popular love.

Holding “INSI”

The company was founded in 1992 and specialized in the production of facade and roofing materials. Now the production consists of 12 different companies and production sites that manufacture different types of products. Moreover, the holding has a research laboratory where materials with improved properties are developed. The company’s metal siding is presented in a variety of shades, perfectly imitates the structure of a tree and has excellent performance properties.


OMIProducts under the OMI trademark appeared on the domestic market in 2001. The manufacturer began its activity with the production of metal tiles, and today its range is very wide and includes metal siding. The company uses modern equipment, works in accordance with international standards, produces several different types of siding in a wide palette of colors.

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