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A watch, phone, book, glasses, cream, a photo in a frame, a glass of water, a pen and a crossword puzzle – these and other little things are conveniently stored in the bedside table. It serves as an integral part of the bedroom, has a decorative and purely functional value. Someone only needs it to put a smartphone and put a cup of coffee, someone decides to store bed linen and sleepwear in it – manufacturers have created countless options for different requirements, and they differ not only in size and equipment but also in color, style and material. How to choose a bedside table when your eyes literally run up?

# 1. Bedside table size

A clear definition of the scenario of its use, adjusted for the area of ​​the bedroom, will help to choose the optimal size of the bedside table. If this piece of furniture is supposed to be used only as a stand for a lamp and a mobile gadget, and the bedroom is not large in size, then you can opt for a compact bedside table or even a bedside table. When the area of ​​the bedroom allows and there is a need to store bed linen and clothes in the bedside table, the choice falls towards roomy models with a lot of drawers.

Regardless of what functions are assigned to the bedside table, it must meet the basic requirements of ergonomics in order to be really convenient to use:

  • height is the most important parameter of a bedside table. If it is high, it will obstruct the view of the room, and you can easily overturn a glass of water from a too low pedestal. The ideal option is a bedside cabinet. Firstly, it makes the bedroom symmetrical and balanced, and secondly, it is in this case that the bedside table will be most convenient to use;
    bedside table

  • the width is selected depending on the parameters of the bed. If we are talking about a standard double or single bed, then a bedside table with a width of 50 cm or less is perfect. Next to a huge bed, a small curbstone will look inharmonious, therefore, in these cases, models with a width of 50-100 cm are chosen;

  • the depth is selected depending on the scenario of use, but it is advisable not to purchase models where this parameter exceeds 50 cm, as they can complicate access to the sleeping place.

The principle of proportionality with the bed comes to the first place in the selection of the optimal parameters of the bedside table. If the latter has a massive headboard and looks solid, then the curbstones should not be light and airy.
bedside table 3

# 2. Bedside table material

An equally important parameter when choosing a bedside table is the material of manufacture, and here the market pleases us with a sufficient variety:

  • wood is the most environmentally friendly material that has enviable durability, strength, has a warm surface, and retains a pleasant aroma. Such a piece of furniture will serve faithfully for more than a dozen years. The tree is plastic and malleable, so the curbstones are often decorated with beautiful carved patterns. The disadvantage of wooden products is their high price, but it can also vary significantly depending on the type of wood. Products made of oak, birch, beech, ash, mahogany will be much cheaper than similar products from pine. This is explained by the insufficient strength of the latter. Pine is a soft breed, so over time, screw connections can loosen, causing deformation of the product;
    wooden bedside table

  • a cabinet made of MDF will cost much less, but it is difficult to call it natural. An MDF board is made from wood chips, urea resins act as a binder, which allows us to speak about the environmental friendliness of products and the almost complete absence of formaldehyde emissions. From above, the slabs can be painted, veneered with a thin cut of valuable wood or laminated with a film that allows you to imitate any material – the range is huge. In terms of price and quality ratio, this is one of the best options for today;
    bedside table of MDF

  • chipboard cabinets must be used with great care. For the production of chipboard, resins are used that, during operation, can emit toxic formaldehyde. It is important to look at the emission level in the furniture documentation: for use in the bedroom, it must be E0 or E1. The main advantage is the low price;
    bedside table of a chipboard

  • a combined option, when the frame is metal or wooden, and the finish is made of glass, mirror, plastic or forging. The combination of materials allows you to create exclusive models that can truly decorate the bedroom, but you should not forget about functionality;

  • if you want to make the bedroom even more sophisticated, then you can choose a cabinet with leather upholstery. Such products look spectacular, it is difficult to get injured in case of an accidental impact, and even in operation they are practical.
    bedside table leather

No. 3. Bedside table design

The design, like the size, is selected depending on the scenario of using the cabinet. If it is necessary for placing a lamp and glasses on it, then a neat bedside table without doors and drawers will suffice. For those who are used to storing a thousand and one little things near the bed, it is better to choose a model with closed shelves, so that the many necessary things do not create a feeling of chaos in the bedroom.

bedside table design

bedside table design 2

Pay attention to hanging bedside tables. They, just like their floor counterparts, can be supplied with a different number of boxes and shelves, only 10 to 50 cm of space separates them from the floor surface. This makes the bedside table lighter and weightless, and the bedroom – original. You will feel the advantages of the pendant model when you drop something and easily find it, because you do not have to lie down on the floor, shine a flashlight and scour in search of a fallen object. A beautiful basket or box for storing small items can be placed under the cabinet.

In the smallest bedrooms, the bedside table can be replaced with a bedside shelf (or shelves). It will be possible to place only the most necessary things on them and make sure that no disorder forms there.

bedside shelf

In small bedrooms, it is rational to use combined furniture. For example, a bedside table can simultaneously serve as a wide roomy chest of drawers, smoothly transition into a wardrobe or shelving. Moreover, the functions of a bedside table, a dressing table and a work table can be combined in one item. To provide sufficient comfort when working, the table must be of the appropriate height, and to maintain balance and proportion, you will have to take care of a higher bed. In order to avoid incidents, it is better, of course, to select all the furniture together and to think over every detail in the interior of the bedroom in advance.

No. 4. Cabinet shape

The shape of the bedside table can be one of the following:

  • square or rectangular is the classic and most common option. This model is appropriate in any bedroom and in almost any interior style, functional, practical and versatile;
    square bedside table

  • a corner cabinet is great for small bedrooms and allows you to get the most out of corners that are often left unused;
    corner bedside table

  • round and oval cabinets look impressive, but they cannot be called universal. Such products will not fit into any bedroom, but they will become an integral part of the Art Nouveau interior;
    round bedside table

  • non-standard options. Curbstones in the shape of a chest or pyramid, broken, with a lot of bends and with unusual shapes – this is more a decorative decoration of the bedroom than a functional thing, but they look really impressive.

No. 5. Bedside style and design

If a few years ago, designers strongly recommended choosing a bedside table exclusively in the same style as the head of the bed, today they allow a mixture of styles, but within reasonable limits, of course. Glass, gray and glossy white cabinets remain a universal option, which can be successfully integrated into any interior style.

The style of the curbstone is selected depending on the general decor of the bedroom:

  • minimalism involves using products of simple geometric shapes without decor and frills. The curbstone can be made of wood, but it does not have elements of carving and be painted in one color. Mounted models are perfect. Glass can also be used as a material. Preferred colors: black, white, shades of gray and milky;
    bedside table minimalism

  • hi-tech also implies clarity of shapes and the absence of all sorts of curls. Cabinets with chrome elements, metal frames and glass tops are perfect;
    high-tech bedside table

  • the classic style involves the use of wooden pedestals with carved elements. Antique models, massive squat cabinets, as well as products upholstered in leather will look harmonious. Preferred colors are calm light and dark shades;
    bedside table classic

  • Baroque is curvilinear forms, curved facades, ornate legs, an abundance of decor. Valuable types of wood are used as material, sometimes forging;
    Baroque bedside table

  • country style involves the use of simple massive pedestals, preferably made of wood or its imitation, dark colors are held in high esteem;
    country bedside table

  • the Scandinavian style is white simple cabinets made of wood or its “substitutes”. The fewer decorative elements, the better;
    bedside table scandinavian style

  • for a Provence-style bedroom, bedside tables made of pastel shades of wood, possibly with a worn effect, are suitable. You can use bedside tables in “skirts”, ie. with fabric curtains, which, if desired, can be easily replaced, thereby updating the interior;
    bedside table Provence
  • Art Nouveau involves the use of curbstones of unusual shapes and made of non-standard materials, such as leather.
    bedside table with modern fabric

No. 6. Bedside table color

There are no rules for choosing the right cabinet color – there are only a few guidelines and typical color schemes that will allow you to achieve the best result:

No. 7. Fittings and equipment

When inspecting the nightstand, check the quality of the handles, drawer guides, hinges and other fittings. Nothing should creak, opening should be as easy as possible, the door should not stagger, and the entire cabinet should be stable and durable.

As for the equipment, in addition to standard shelves and drawers, which can be open or closed, the curbstone can be equipped with a turntable that increases its usable area. There are models with adjustable legs – such products are indispensable for bedrooms with uneven floors. If it will be necessary to move the cabinet when cleaning or rearranging, pay attention to the model on wheels.

bedside table on casters

Finally, we note that the same curbstones do not have to be on the sides of a double bed: they can be different in height, material of execution and design, and wall mirrors, photos or paintings located at the same height or lamps of different sizes will help to balance them. Moreover, it is not necessary to look for a bedside table only in the bedroom furniture department – you can use poufs, coffee tables and even interesting chairs, mini-ladders, ladder stools, flower stands and other similar items.

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