7 options for wallpaper for the kitchen. What kind of wallpaper can be glued in the kitchen.

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Which wallpaper is suitable for the kitchen?

When choosing wallpaper for the kitchen, you need to take into account a lot of factors. Many of us immediately pay attention to the colors of the wallpaper, because the chosen ornament will have to be admired for more than one year. This is undoubtedly correct, but in the case of a room such as a kitchen, it is not the appearance of the wallpaper that comes to the fore, but its performance. The material must withstand all those conditions that develop in the kitchen, and that is why not every wallpaper can become a decoration of this room. What kind of wallpaper is suitable for the kitchen?

The kitchen is characterized by specific conditions: high humidity, the presence of steam and soot, the risk of food particles and fat getting on the walls. All this determines a special approach to the choice of wallpaper. They must be at least moisture resistant, as the manufacturer warns about on the packaging. It is even better if they are washable, and the best option is the ability to clean them with a brush, which is also indicated by the pictograms on the packaging.

Choose the most dense and lightfast wallpaper, by the way, icons on packaging can also tell a lot about lightfastness. It is better if the wallpaper is vapor-permeable, because in this way the optimal microclimate in the room will be maintained. By the way, when it comes to choosing wallpaper for the kitchen, it is better to refuse options with an embossed embossed pattern, otherwise soot and fat can quickly eat in, and then it will be difficult to clean the surface even with detergents. Many experts recommend using wallpaper in the kitchen only for the dining area: this way you can create a nice interior and zone the room.

wallpaper marking

# 1. Vinyl wallpapers

Vinyl wallpaper is one of the most acceptable options for the kitchen, and you can use this finish even in the work area. In this case, we are talking about smooth vinyl wallpaper, which is also called kitchen wallpaper due to its operational characteristics. Often such a coating is made on a non-woven base, which increases the vapor permeability of the material. This option has many undeniable advantages:

  • a huge assortment, which includes not only many colors, shades and patterns – you can choose wallpaper that will imitate stone, wood, leather or any other material, thereby stylizing the kitchen as you like;

  • strength, which will positively affect the process of wallpapering and operation, since it is very difficult to damage such material and tear it. Due to its high density, vinyl wallpaper perfectly masks minor wall imperfections;

  • durability. Vinyl wallpaper retains its appearance for quite a long time, without fading under the influence of the sun and when wet cleaning;

  • absolute moisture resistance, and vinyl wallpaper can be of different types: some can only tolerate wiping with a damp cloth, while others – full cleaning with a brush and detergents. Material features will be indicated on the packaging in the form of pictograms.

vinyl wallpaper in the kitchen

Vinyl wallpaper could be called the ideal wallpaper for the kitchen, if not for some disadvantages:

  • air tightness. Moisture will not be able to pass through the walls and will accumulate on the coating, creating favorable conditions for the appearance of fungus. But you can get out of this situation: use vinyl wallpaper only for part of the kitchen, for example, for the dining area, ventilate the room well, or opt for hard vinyl wallpaper. This is a relatively new material that is completely breathable, but it also costs a little more;

  • some difficulties in installation associated with the ability of the wallpaper to expand and contract. But this disadvantage does not apply to all types of wallpaper;

  • a peculiar smell, but it quickly disappears with normal ventilation.

It is especially worth highlighting non-woven vinyl wallpapers, which are easier to stick and are also suitable for painting.

vinyl wallpaper in the kitchen 2

# 2. Silkscreen

Silk-screen printing is considered one of the varieties of vinyl wallpaper, but the material is worth highlighting and considering separately. It is made, as the name suggests, using silk threads, which explains some of the unique properties of the coating. They have excellent wear resistance, strength and durability, resistance to sunlight. They are odorless and easy to clean, but the hallmark of these wallpapers is their gorgeous appearance. They can decorate any kitchen, add a touch of luxury to it, but silk-screen printing will also cost more than ordinary vinyl wallpaper.

Among the shortcomings, one can note all the same vapor permeability, therefore, as in the previous case, it is better to treat the walls with an antifungal agent before gluing. In addition, these wallpapers are very thin, so they will not be able to hide some of the imperfections of the walls – you will have to create a perfectly flat and smooth surface to get an excellent result. And the very process of installing such wallpapers is not the easiest, so it’s better for a beginner not to take on such a thing – the best result will be obtained if you invite a professional.

silkscreen in the kitchen

No. 3. Glass fiber

Glass fiber is a versatile way of decorating a kitchen, which, in terms of its operational and decorative qualities, is perfect for both the dining area and the work area. The name itself gives out the method of production of the material: the molten glass is pulled into threads and fabric is woven from them, which is impregnated with special means so that the finished finishing material is not fragile.

The advantages of fiberglass weight:

  • moisture resistance. Both glass and the material made from it does not absorb moisture and does not change under its influence. Such wallpaper can be easily washed, even with a brush;

  • the ability to let air in, so mold in the kitchen with such a finish will definitely not appear;

  • the ability to strengthen walls and hide some of their shortcomings, so it will not be possible to prepare the walls for decoration so carefully;

  • strength. It is difficult to scratch or damage the material, which is especially important in the kitchen;

  • durability. Wallpaper can decorate the kitchen for about 30 years;

  • complete environmental friendliness and safety, because there are no toxic substances in the composition;

  • the ability to repaint the wallpaper several times, easily changing the situation in the kitchen, however, the paint will need to be selected advising so that the wallpaper can be washed. Latex and acrylic paints work well.

glass wallpaper in the kitchen

There are almost no disadvantages for cullet. The main disadvantage is the price, which is slightly higher than that of vinyl wallpaper. Difficulties can arise during the subsequent renovation of the kitchen and the desire to change the type of wall decoration – glass wallpaper is not so easy to dismantle. And most importantly, you need to choose the right paint, otherwise all the useful properties of fiberglass can be nullified. The assortment of glass wallpaper patterns is not so large, but you can find a suitable option for your kitchen.

No. 4. Liquid wallpaper

Liquid wallpaper can also be used to decorate the kitchen, because it does not lend itself to moisture and allows steam to pass through. Moreover, the process of their application is as simple as possible: it is not like the traditional gluing of wallpaper with cutting a roll and diluting the glue. Installation of liquid wallpaper resembles the application of plaster on the wall: everything is simple, fast and as convenient as possible, so even a person without experience in performing any repair work will cope with the task. The result is a monolithic coating without joints, and this is a plus in terms of the aesthetics of the room.

It is also worth noting that liquid wallpaper can be applied to almost any type of surface, and small cracks and other defects do not have to be eliminated – the wallpaper will perfectly mask them. The material does not fade in the sun and will delight you with its original appearance for a long time. In addition, it will become additional heat and sound insulation. It is worth noting that such material does not accumulate static electricity, which means it does not attract dust, hence the ease of maintenance. If you use liquid wallpaper of several colors for wall decoration, then it is easy to create interesting effects and whole drawings on the walls.

Liquid wallpaper cannot be called the cheapest finishing material. In addition, after applying them to the walls in the kitchen, it is better to additionally cover them with a protective varnish so that the material becomes as resistant to moisture as possible.

liquid wallpaper in the kitchen

No. 5. Non-woven wallpaper

In a kitchen, non-woven wallpaper also performs well. Today, you can often find non-woven wallpaper coated with vinyl on sale, as well as pure non-woven wallpaper for painting. The material has a lot of positive qualities:

  • pure non-woven wallpaper breathes, which means that optimal conditions will not be created for the development of mold;
  • It is a moisture resistant material that can be wiped off easily with a damp cloth. There are also washable finishes that can be cleaned with detergents;
  • the finish will not fade in the sun;
  • ease of installation: the wallpaper does not stretch under the action of the glue, and indeed, the glue is applied to the wall. It is unnecessary to bring the surface to an ideal state, because a layer of non-woven wallpaper can mask defects up to 2 mm deep;

  • wallpaper is not afraid of temperature changes, which are not uncommon in the kitchen;
  • soundproof and fire resistant properties;

  • wallpaper designed for painting can survive 8-10 painting cycles – the interior in the kitchen can be changed very easily.

It should be noted that dust can accumulate on the surface of non-woven wallpaper, so you will have to clean the finish regularly.

non-woven wallpaper

non-woven wallpaper 2

No. 6. Impregnated paper wallpaper

This is not the best option for the kitchen, but it can be very useful when there is a need to save money. Immediately you need to tune in that such a finish is unlikely to last more than 2-3 years due to its performance. You cannot use pure paper wallpaper in the kitchen at all, but a special impregnation makes the material water-repellent, so you can wipe the finish with a damp cloth, but nothing more. Let’s say it will be difficult to wipe off grease stains, so it is better to choose a color on which the dirt will be minimally noticeable. Of course, impregnated paper wallpaper should be used away from the work area, near the dining table.

One more caveat. Impregnated paper wallpapers are not suitable for highly sunny kitchens, as they tend to fade when exposed to sunlight. The material absorbs odors well, which is why it is so important to ventilate the kitchen well. But with such wallpaper, you can cheaply create an interesting interior, and those who like to change the environment often will only benefit, because they do not have to invest a lot of money in finishing material.

paper wallpaper in the kitchen

No. 7. Wallpaper

Surprisingly, you can also use photo wallpaper in the kitchen without fear that their appearance will be ruined in a couple of months. Today, there are vinyl and non-woven photomurals on sale: they can be washed, as evidenced by the corresponding marking on the packaging. It is important that waterproof dyes are used for the production of wallpaper, and then the material will become an excellent and durable decoration of the kitchen, and the pattern on the wallpaper will not fade and flow under the influence of moisture. Naturally, it is better to use even the most durable and moisture-resistant wallpaper away from the sink, stove and work area: the photo wallpaper will be an excellent decoration for the dining area, and there is no need to talk about decorativeness at all, because the material can visually expand the boundaries of the room and stylize as you like. There are a lot of drawing options: from fruit and vegetable themes to landscapes and abstractions.

wallpaper for kitchen


If you want to create an interesting kitchen interior, then you can use wallpaper for wall decoration. Today there are a lot of different wallpaper options that behave well in such a specific room. Many of them are quite possible to use even for finishing the working area, but it is still better to combine different types of finishing materials in the kitchen in order to get a nice and functional interior.

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