6 tips on how to arrange furniture in the nursery

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The children’s room takes on many functions at once: here the child rests, studies, plays and stores his things and toys. For each of these functions, it is necessary to provide a separate area in the room and equip it with suitable furniture. There are a number of safety requirements and ergonomic rules that suggest how best to arrange all the furniture in the nursery. At the same time, parents need to take into account the child’s age and select only those things that the child really needs, and also make sure that their size corresponds not only to the area of ​​the room, but also to the child’s height. When deciding on the location of furniture in the nursery, it is worth considering a few tips.

# 1. Create a furniture layout plan

An important requirement for the design of the space of a children’s room is the availability of free space so that the child has a place to play, engage in creativity or sports. That is why it is so important to first study all possible options for the arrangement of furniture, and it is better to do this in the process of creating a plan. Special applications and programs, or ordinary graph paper, can help in this. You will need to scale all the parameters of the room, indicating the windows and doors. If you create a plan on paper, then you can also cut out all the pieces of furniture on a scale and move freely until you get the ideal version.

plan for placing furniture in the nursery 4

It is logical to divide the entire area of ​​the children’s room into three zones: sleeping, working and playing. It is also necessary to outline the storage locations, incl. and for the child’s toys, because if they are scattered around the room, then there will be no additional free space. Please note that the furniture in the nursery should be minimally traumatic, not have sharp corners, protruding metal parts, and there should be a minimum of glass elements. Preference should be given to natural materials that do not contain allergens and are easy to clean. When such furniture is purchased, it remains only to arrange it accordingly.

# 2. We make out a sleeping place

In addition to the fact that the child’s sleeping place must be ergonomic, safe and comfortable, it must be correctly located. It is better not to put the bed near the heating radiator, and it has no place right under the window, because in winter it is a source of cold, and in summer it is a source of drafts. It is also recommended that the bed be positioned so that the child can see the door when falling asleep and waking up.

sleeping place in the nursery

For small children today, there are a lot of ready-made interesting options, in which the sleeping place is combined with the play area, and at the same time is supplied with secret storage places.

No. 3. We decorate the working area

The occupancy of the working area will be completely different for a preschool child and a middle school student, therefore, when designing it, you need to take into account the age, needs, and also the tastes of the child himself. And yet, several requirements are put forward for the location of the working area in the children’s room:

  • sufficient natural light. It is better to put the table near the window, and the light should fall on the left if the child is right-handed. This arrangement will maximize the use of the sun’s rays. It should be noted that local artificial lighting in the work area is necessary in any case, so do not forget to take care of the presence of a table lamp;
    desk in the nursery 5
  • the child, sitting at the table, should not have his back to the door. This causes some discomfort, and the kid or student will constantly turn around at the door, distracting from their affairs;
  • it will be better if the desktop itself is equipped with a system of shelves for storing office supplies. For a student, however, there may not be enough space in it, therefore, a system of shelves or a rack is provided near the table, which, by the way, can perfectly cope with the function of separating the working area from everyone else;
    desk in the nursery 4
  • the table and chair must correspond to the child’s growth, therefore, as they grow up, they need to be changed, and in parallel, adjustments can be made to the furniture arrangement system.

No. 4. Place for the play area

Space for the play area, even in the smallest children’s room, must be provided. True, depending on the age and hobbies of the child, it will be necessary to equip this zone in different ways. So, for a toddler of preschool age, it is important that you can play active games here, for a student who is engaged in drawing, an easel can be placed in this zone, etc.

play area in children's room 2

A general requirement for any play area is adequate lighting. In addition, it does not hurt to highlight it with a rug, and if there is an opportunity, then a sports corner will not be superfluous. If the owner of the room is a teenager, then this area can be equipped with cozy bean bags, and it would be nice for a child to provide a storage system for toys not far from the play area, and it is important that he can reach all the shelves himself and open all the drawers to take and put back everything you need.

play area in children's room 4

No. 5. How to arrange storage locations?

Storage space in the nursery is a must. If in early childhood they are needed for storing toys, then later it is necessary to provide a place for storing school uniforms and other items of clothing, shoes. Wardrobes in a children’s room are usually located near the wall opposite the bed. The option of placing the cabinet near the door will also be excellent, but it is important to take into account in which direction it opens. All storage places must be organized in such a way that the child can take any thing without problems and without danger.

storage space in the children's room 7

Storage spaces can also be organized with corner cabinets – they are spacious and make the most of the space in the corners. Additional storage space can also be organized in the niches of beds, poufs and armchairs, using racks and shelves.

No. 6. Children’s room for two children: how to arrange the furniture correctly?

When the family has two children, and the apartment does not allow each of them to allocate a separate space, you have to show maximum skill of resourcefulness in order to get a space convenient for each of the children. An excellent solution is a bunk bed, and today there are so many interesting modifications on sale that you can choose the right option for any room. Thus, a ladder can contain additional storage space and at the same time be more convenient for ascending and descending. The lower tier can be hidden during the day and move out only at night. There are even ready-made children’s corners, where the bed is successfully combined with a work or play area.

children's room for two 8

For each of the children, you need to provide their own workplace, equipped in accordance with all the rules. Storage places should also be provided: these can be separate lockers or one large one with a clear allocation of space for everyone’s things.

Depending on gender, age difference and relationships between children, you can arrange furniture in a nursery for two in different ways:

  • if the children are same-sex, the age difference is small, and they live together, then the beds can be placed not in two tiers, but at an angle to each other, creating a cozy space for communication before going to bed. This arrangement of beds also does not take up much space. There is another option – to arrange the beds near walls parallel to each other, forming an individual zone for each, but without violating the integrity of the space and its harmony;
    children's room for two 4
    children's room for two 2
  • a nursery for children of about the same age requires a more careful approach. Individual zones must be clearly identified. It is better if the beds are located near one wall and are separated by a partition, cabinet or shelving unit. There will be desks and storage places near the opposite wall. If this option is not possible, then it is better to put the beds near parallel walls, it can be opposite each other, or it can be at different ends of the room. The two parts of the room can be separated by color, using appropriate decor and textiles;
    children's room for two 9
  • a task of increased complexity – a neighborhood in one room of a teenager and a preschool child. They have a different daily routine and hobbies, so it is better to place individual zones away from each other. A screen, curtain, rack or small plasterboard partition will help to divide the space.
    children's room for two 5


When decorating the space of a children’s room, do not forget to ask the opinion of its direct owner, so that the child is really comfortable and cozy there. Compliance with all safety and ergonomics standards, at the same time, should not scare away from creative experiments, because a children’s room can be decorated with a bed in the shape of a ship or a car, and the play area can be made like a deck – there are many options.

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