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Many of our compatriots cannot boast of a large number of square meters. As a rule, in rooms every square meter counts, and if a pantry is not provided, then all the supposedly necessary trash for years is added up on the loggia. From this, the next room does not become brighter and prettier, and on the loggia itself there is less and less free space. Now, gradually, we begin to understand that even a small loggia is a spectacular continuation of an apartment, it is an additional useful space that can be effectively equipped. Even on a few square meters, you can create a cozy corner for rest or work, and using some techniques to visually expand the boundaries of this space.

How can you use the area of ​​the loggia?

The design of any room, including a loggia, should begin with a project. For a small loggia, this is the most important aspect, since a small space needs to be properly organized, everything must be calculated to the centimeter, so as not to clutter it up, not to clutter it up, but to turn it into a cozy and comfortable room.

Most often, a loggia is used to equip such zones:

  • rest corner. The Loggia has all the resources for your relaxation: privacy, city views, fresh air. Here you can arrange a mini-garden, and sometimes just relax surrounded by plants. Here you can put miniature chairs and a table, decorate with plants, garlands or other accessories and turn a small loggia into a cozy cafe where you can drink coffee in the morning or in the evening, have a snack in the company of your loved one;
    small loggia design

  • cabinet. You can save space in the apartment and move your workplace to the loggia: it is light here for a long time, which means it will be comfortable to work, there is a wonderful view from the window, and some insulation from the apartment will benefit the work process. Even the smallest loggia accommodates a small computer table and chair, as well as several shelves or cupboards, and, of course, a laptop;

  • continuation of the next room – bedroom or kitchen. If the walls are left with only a small partition, then you get an excellent addition to the next room. In this case, the design of the loggia will fully correspond to the adjacent room, and it itself will become some kind of functional part of it. If this is a bedroom, then the loggia can become a seating area: there you can put chairs and a table, a sofa, throw a few bright pillows and admire the view of the city. Also, on a small loggia, you can take out some kind of wardrobe, and store some of the things there. If the loggia borders on the kitchen, then a dining area can be placed there. No matter how miniature the loggia is, a small table and several stools can fit there, and the kitchen will become more spacious;
    small loggia design 2

  • storage place for conservation, tools, etc. Here it is important not to turn the loggia into a typical waste bin for things that will once “be needed”: old refrigerators, bicycles, worn-out things and shoes are best thrown away or given away, and on the loggia you can arrange a very nice storage place for home preservation or for some tools. You should have a stylish space with room to move freely.

If the loggia will be used as a living space or part of it, then it will need to be thoroughly insulated so that it is comfortable to be in it at any time, and not only in the summer-spring period. They insulate the loggia with mineral wool, metal-plastic window frames, use a wooden lathing lining, plasterboard lining. Often they also equip heating using a warm floor system. When the loggia is sufficiently insulated, you can move on to design nuances, and choose such finishes, furniture and lighting to turn a small loggia into a functional and comfortable space.

# 1. What finishing materials to choose?

If we are talking about a small loggia, then the choice of finishes should be given considerable attention. It is contraindicated to use those materials that require the installation of a frame, for example, drywall, because in this case such necessary centimeters of area are stolen.

small loggia decoration

The design of a small loggia has only one goal – to equip everything so that the illusion of a larger space is created than it really is. Therefore, light materials are used that do not take up much space. Modern fashion pushes us to use natural materials: bamboo, wood, metal, stone, straw, etc. All this will be appropriate in the interior of the loggia, but no less decorative artificial materials can be used: MDF, plastic, tiles, glass, etc.

small loggia finish 2

If the loggia is combined with an adjacent room, then you will have to adhere to a certain design characteristic of the adjacent room. But if you decide to keep a full-fledged partition, then the loggia becomes an independent room, in which it is not at all necessary to copy the interior of the bedroom or kitchen. The loggia is not a public place where guests are welcomed, so it can be equipped exactly as it is convenient for the owners for relaxation, for doing some of their hobbies, etc.

small loggia finish 3

# 2. Prioritize light colors

Probably, it is no secret to anyone that light colors visually enlarge the room, erase the boundaries of the walls, so for a miniature loggia this is a win-win option. If it faces the sunny side, then it is better to use light cold shades, such as light gray, light green, blue, etc. Pastel warm shades are preferable when the loggia faces north: this way there will be more space, and the comfort of the room will increase. Feel free to choose cream, sand, pink, orange and peach tones. Naturally, white is suitable for any loggia: white walls and ceilings in combination with light floors will generally erase all boundaries of the room.

To prevent the loggia from turning into a boring space, some of its parts can be highlighted with artificial stone, decorative plaster, some kind of drawings or applications. It is important here that all drawings are proportional, symmetrical, not distorting the geometry of the already narrow and small space of the loggia.

For finishing the floor, it is better to choose laminate, linoleum or ceramic tiles, you can have a board, and preferably light shades: the floor should differ in color from the walls, but only by a few tones – not dramatically.

Loggias are often too elongated in length, and in order to somehow mitigate this drawback, you can play in contrast, and paint some walls in bright colors, visually changing the geometry of the room.

If the loggia is combined with the adjacent room, then in its decoration it is worth adhering to the chosen style.

No. 3. Sufficient lighting

If you don’t have to worry about lighting the loggia during the day – the sun’s rays will do everything for you, then in the evening and at night, and in winter, even in the morning, it is very important that a small space is properly lit. Dark corners do not add extra space to a small loggia, so you need to get rid of them.

Even on the most compact loggia, it is better to provide multi-level lighting: general and point, local light. The general light should qualitatively illuminate the entire space of the loggia, otherwise insufficiently bright corners will give out limited space. Local lighting is necessary to illuminate the workplace, a small table for tea parties, flowerpots, etc. For this, you can use sconces, miniature floor lamps, table lamps, spot lamps are also suitable, in which it is easy to adjust the direction of light.

small loggia lighting 4

On the loggia, you can use the most original lighting elements, for example, garlands. They are so eye-catching during the New Year holidays, so why not admire the flashing lights all year round if you decorate the recreation area on the loggia with them.

small loggia lighting 5

No. 4. Compact furniture

Furniture, most likely, will have to buy new, since the one that is in your apartment is hardly suitable for a small loggia. For a small space, only compact furniture is needed, which will remain functional in its small size. In this case, children’s furniture will not work, as it will look completely ridiculous.

Preference should be given to those elements of furniture that are easily transformed, folded, as well as retractable and built-in furniture. Also pay attention to transparent and translucent furniture, which will not hide the space at all, but, nevertheless, perform all the functions assigned to it.

On a small loggia, it will be appropriate to look at small wicker chairs, or better soft poufs that take up a minimum of space. If the loggia is equipped for a recreation area, then there you can hang a small hammock. If you decide to equip your office, then choose a small corner computer desk and the most compact computer chair. In general, no matter what function the loggia performs, the furniture there should be the most compact, but at the same time of high quality and not devoid of functionality.

If the loggia is landscaped, then the flowers can be transferred to the shelves on the walls, or in hanging pots, and the vacant window sill can be slightly expanded and turned into a functional tabletop.

No. 5. Spectacular accessories

The mirror is the first friend of all small spaces. In the loggia, it can be placed on one of the walls, thereby visually doubling the space, and in combination with light finishes and light furniture, it will give the impression that you have a very spacious loggia. The mirror may even be slightly covered by plants or shelves, but it will still not lose its functionality.
small loggia mirror

Other accessories, such as paintings, vases, flowers, candles, etc. are needed, rather, to create a certain style than to expand the space. Although one bright detail, for example, a picture or a rug, is able to draw attention to itself, thereby distracting attention from the limited space.
small loggia mirror 2

No. 6. Focus on windows

The windows of the loggia need to be properly designed: on a sunny day, the curtains should trap excess light, and in the evening, on the contrary, let in all the rays. Bulky curtains won’t work for a small space, so look for cute bistro-style curtains, or better yet, blinds, roller blinds and roman blinds. The latter options are very easy to operate, do not take up much space, allow both to fully open the window and securely screen it.
small loggia curtains

In conclusion

If your apartment has a loggia, then you already need to rejoice, because this is an additional space where you can relax, work, eat, etc. Even if the loggia is small, several pieces of furniture can comfortably fit on it, and thanks to a competent approach to design and the choice of finishes, you can visually increase the area of ​​the loggia and make it a cozy and functional space.

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