6 tips for choosing the color of interior doors

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Interior doors have long been perceived only as a way to delimit the space inside the apartment, to protect some rooms from the smell and noise that come from others. It is not surprising that the choice of the door leaf was based on purely functional requirements. Today, when the market is overflowing with various offers, the appearance of the door, its design and color becomes no less important, and, indeed, sometimes it is worth changing the interior door, as the room is transformed before our eyes. This is where the main problem arises. How to choose the color of interior doors so that they fit perfectly into the interior and harmonize with all its parts?

Designers’ advice can be confusing, because they advise focusing on the color of the walls, the color of the furniture, and the features of the flooring. Well, it turns out that all the furniture and flooring will have to be changed only because of the interior doors, or are there some tricks? The main rule is the absence of any rules: the main thing is that you and all household members like the chosen color of the door, and our tips will help you find several suitable solutions.

# 1. Door color and room style

The first thing that must be taken into account when choosing the color of interior doors is the style of the room, because for each there is a set of shades that is most characteristic for it:

  • neutral shades such as light, cream and light gray, and light woods are the most versatile option. Such doors can perfectly fit into the interior in the classic, rustic, Japanese, Scandinavian style, as well as complement the country and baroque style. Warm shades bring coziness to the room;
    interior door color in the interior

  • cold shades are the prerogative of modern interior styles, including minimalism, hi-tech, eclecticism, loft;
    interior door color in interior 2

  • dark colors perfectly complement spacious rooms in a classic style and can be used in high-tech style and the like. The most popular doors are the colors of wenge, merbau, teak and walnut; they bring rigor and sophistication to the interior. In order not to make the room too gloomy, you can use glass inserts in the design of the door leaf, which will not disturb your personal space, but let light in;
    interior door color in interior 3

  • bright shades are a non-standard and bold decision. It is desirable that the color of the door echoes with some element in the room. Such solutions are characteristic of the modern and boho styles.
    interior door color in the interior 4

What if the rooms of the apartment are decorated in different styles? In this case, it is better to focus on the room that unites them (entrance hall, corridor, living room) and select doors that would best fit into it.

For those who studied the issues of choosing the color of interior doors from all sides, reviewed a lot of photos, but did not make a decision, the ideal choice is white doors. This is a universal option for all interior styles and for most apartments. White doors, like white windows, do not distract attention and are perceived harmoniously. By the way, using white doors can also be advised for those who want to make an apartment cozy, but do not have proper preparation, are not sure of their own taste and are afraid to experiment. The texture of a white door for different styles may differ: minimalism assumes smooth simple surfaces, classic and baroque – the presence of carvings and patterns, and Provence – the effect of aging. An additional plus of white doors is their lightness – they will not make the room visually smaller than it really is, unlike doors in dark shades.
interior door color in the interior 7

interior door color in the interior 6

interior door color in the interior 5

# 2. Door color and floor color

A tried-and-true method of choosing door color by many designers is to focus on the floor covering. This option is quite justified when one floor covering is chosen for most of the rooms of the apartment, or different materials, but in similar shades. It should be noted that this is not such a rarity, so matching doors to the color of the floor is a good option. It is better that the door leaf is a couple of shades lighter than the floor, but leaving in darker colors is not prohibited.

If in different rooms different colors are used, then you can try to find a common shade and choose the door that best matches it. It is not difficult to do this in apartments decorated in the style of minimalism, where the gray scale prevails. In apartments where the floor is made of wood or wood-like material (laminate, linoleum, parquet board), the door is also desirable in “wooden” shades.

If the floor in adjacent rooms is made in completely different colors, then the task becomes more complicated. It is better to choose such a color of the door leaf so that it matches the covering in the uniting room (entrance hall, corridor, etc.), and in each of the rooms the color of the door can be supported by decor items, skirting boards, furniture, etc.

interior door color and floor color 2

No. 3. Door color and furniture color

When choosing the optimal color for interior doors, it is important to find something that unites all rooms in the apartment. If it’s not a style or a floor color, then it might be the color of the furniture. In this case, it is worth starting from him. Choosing a door of the same color as the furniture is not always a good idea – it is better to take a couple of shades darker or lighter. If the rooms use dark furniture, for example, wenge colors, then it is better to take the door leaf in a much lighter shade in order to avoid creating an overly gloomy atmosphere. Another option that will save in this case is the use of glass inserts or colored stained-glass windows.

It is possible to build on the color of the furniture when choosing an interior door only if you are going to use the furniture for a long time, otherwise there is no point in such a decision.
interior door color for furniture

interior door color for furniture 2

interior door color for furniture 3

No. 4. Door color and wall color

Doors to match the color of the walls are rarely selected, because there are not many apartments where the walls in all rooms are made in the same shade, because even within the same style, different shades are usually used to decorate the walls. If this is your option, then the doors can be practically the same color or differ by a couple of tones, but the color of the floor should be contrasting with respect to the walls and doors.

interior door color and wall color

interior door color and wall color 2

interior door color and wall color 3

No. 5. The main tricks when choosing the right color

What to do if adjacent rooms are made in different styles, in different colors and furnished with completely different furniture, i.e. do they have and cannot have anything in common, but at the same time you want each of them to look harmonious? Many people prefer to order the same doors, combining them with the hallway or corridor, and on this they decide the issue. It’s a good start, but if you take into account a few more nuances, you can arrange the apartment much more successfully:

  • veneers of different colors can be used on both sides of the doors. This is not a cheap option and you will have to make each door according to an individual order, but absolutely all rooms will look perfect;
  • use of platbands and baseboards to match the door. This method saves even in cases where there is nothing in common between the rooms, and the door does not match either the walls, furniture, or flooring. It is enough to choose a neutral shade of the door and make wide platbands and baseboards in its tone throughout the apartment, which will create a single color line throughout the apartment;

  • the use of contrasting shades is not a choice for everyone, but for some apartments, bright accents on the interior doors will come in handy. The main thing is that all household members should like this decision and not annoy anyone;

  • the use of decorative stickers on the door, which can radically change the appearance of the room. Such stickers resemble murals and are also glued, they can repeat natural or city landscapes, floral motifs or be abstract, thanks to which the door can become the real center of the room.

No. 6. What else to consider?

If doors of both light and dark shades are equally well suited for installation in an apartment, then with a shortage of space, it is better to stop at lighter colors. Dark doors look great when the room is large enough, otherwise they can simply put pressure on those in the room. By the way, designers do not recommend combining cold and warm shades, which must be taken into account when choosing a color for interior doors to an apartment.

Naturally, when arranging an apartment, you need to start with the choice of flooring, and only then only select the doors, but even better – even before the renovation, create a design project and think over the future interior to the smallest detail, so that later the selection of the correct color would not be a problem.
interior doors design

In conclusion

Trying to choose the right shade for interior doors, answer the question of what unites all the rooms of the apartment: the color of the floors, walls or other elements, and start from this. In extreme cases, there is always a fallback – white doors that fit anytime, anywhere.

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