6 tips for choosing bathroom wall cabinets

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It is difficult to imagine a modern comfortable bathroom without functional furniture, which, along with sanitary ware, is its mandatory attribute. A wall cabinet is a universal solution for storing bath accessories and other necessary little things. There are both quite roomy models and options for the smallest bathrooms, and even in terms of color, shape and organization of the interior space, manufacturers offer a lot of different options for every taste. How to choose wall cabinets for the bathroom wisely, and what you need to know before going to the store?

# 1. Configuration: standard, horizontal and corner wall cabinet

All wall cabinets for the bathroom are arranged according to approximately the same principle, but nevertheless, according to their configuration, it is customary to divide them into several groups:

  • standard or classic cabinets are the most common options. These are vertical cabinets with a height of at least 80 cm, which are often installed above the washbasin, less often they are hung above the bathroom. Dimensions can vary significantly, as well as the internal organization of the space, the doors are usually hinged. When considering a similar cabinet for your small bathroom, make sure that when open it will not interfere with anything or anyone. If you are planning to install a cabinet above a washbasin, it is better that its width matches the dimensions of the washbasin itself or the cabinet on which it is installed. If possible, it is better to purchase a wall cabinet together with a cabinet under the sink in order to get a harmonious interior. A huge selection of both individual wall cabinets and complete sets of bathroom furniture is presented in the online store https://san-design.ru/, which directly cooperates with manufacturers, therefore, gives customers a guarantee of the best price;
    wall cabinet in the bathroom

  • a horizontal wall cabinet differs from a standard one only in that it is stretched out in width, and its height is no more than 40 cm. Often this kind of cabinet is installed in the entire width of the wall. This is an option for not the smallest bathrooms, but it allows you to get household items from any shelves with the same convenience, and not reach for things located at the very top, which is not convenient for all family members. In horizontal cabinets, the doors often open upwards, which means that they do not take up free space in the bathroom, and the risk of accidentally hitting the open door is reduced;
    wall cabinet in bathroom 2

  • corner wall cabinets are used in miniature bathrooms, where every square centimeter is in price, not to mention the corners. Often they are placed over a corner washbasin. Corner cabinets, although they allow more rational use of space, are still inferior in spaciousness to the standard version.
    wall cabinet in bathroom 3

# 2. Mirror wall cabinet

Mirror cabinets are found among vertical, corner and horizontal options. The convenience of such pieces of furniture is obvious, because the cabinet allows you to completely replace the mirror, which is an indispensable attribute of the bathroom. It turns out that when buying a model with mirrored doors, you can save not only space, because a separate mirror is not needed, but also money.
wall cabinet in the bathroom mirror

No. 3. Closed and open lockers

Depending on your own preferences and what will be stored on the shelves of the wall cabinet, you can choose one of the following options for its execution:

  • open;
  • closed;
  • combined.

A closed cabinet assumes that all the contents of its shelves are completely hidden behind the doors. This is the most popular option, as it is able to provide the stored items with protection from condensed moisture drops. Plus, keeping the bathroom tidy is much easier with shelves closed.
wall cabinet in bathroom 4

Open lockers are usually used for purely decorative purposes, they are equipped with spacious bathrooms. Combined models are already a more practical option, allowing you to organize convenient storage of things that are different in purpose and frequency of use.

No. 4. Manufacturing material

The bathroom is characterized by constant temperature drops and high humidity. In order for the cabinet to serve for more than one year, it must be made of materials resistant to such effects. Manufacturers today offer a ton of options for every budget and taste.

Popular materials:

  • plastic is used to make the cheapest wall cabinets. It is distinguished by complete resistance to moisture and the ability to take on the most bizarre shapes. The variety of colors is huge. On the other hand, this is a fragile material that is easy to scratch, and it will not work to store many jars and bottles in such a cabinet – it simply cannot withstand their weight;
    wall cabinet in the bathroom plastic

  • moisture-resistant chipboard is another budget option, which, unfortunately, has a low durability. The low cost of such products attracts buyers, therefore chipboard cabinets are in great demand and are produced by manufacturers in a sufficient range of colors and shapes. From above, the chipboard is covered with moisture-repellent melamine, and the edges are closed with tapes, because moisture penetration into the product will cause it to swell and rot. It is difficult to call chipboard cabinets suitable for bathroom conditions, but with a limited budget, you can opt for them. The existing assortment suggests that there are many fans of such furniture. To prolong the life of the cabinet, take care of a normal ventilation system and regular ventilation of the bathroom;
    wall cabinet in the bathroom chipboard

  • MDF is a more environmentally friendly material compared to chipboard, and to protect it from moisture, it is covered with special enamel or film. Such cabinets are slightly more expensive than their counterparts made of chipboard, but in a bathroom they behave much better and are distinguished by higher durability. In terms of price and quality ratio, this is the best option. Moreover, concave and convex cabinets can be made from MDF. When choosing, carefully inspect all surfaces of the cabinet – there should not be the slightest chips on them;
    wall cabinet in the bathroom mdf

  • wood, a natural and noble material, may well be used in a bathroom, but it will require maximum attention. First, the tree must be treated with special impregnations and covered with protective agents. Secondly, the room will need to provide effective ventilation. Finally, a wooden cabinet is not a cheap pleasure, and it will not fit into any interior;
    wall cabinet in the bathroom wood

  • glass. Tempered glass cabinets look very modern and stylish. They are not afraid of moisture and do not clutter up the space, so we can talk about a visual increase in the bathroom, but in order to achieve such an effect, the shelves should always be in perfect order, because all their contents will be visible to the eye even with the doors closed. The corners of the glass cabinet must be smoothed to avoid injury. Be prepared for regular maintenance of such a piece of furniture, because even a few dried drops of water, which would be invisible on the MDF cabinet, will greatly spoil the appearance;
    wall cabinet in glass bathroom

  • metal. Furniture made of metal stainless alloys is an integral attribute of high-tech and minimalist styles. These cabinets look unusual and very stylish, but they weigh a lot, so you can do more tricky and choose the option where metal is combined with another material. Another alternative is metal imitation.
    wall cabinet in metal bathroom

No. 5. Color, style and shape

The variety of wall cabinets is such that it will be possible to choose a suitable shade without any problems, in extreme cases it will be possible to make it according to an individual order: many domestic and foreign furniture factories provide a similar service. The color of the cabinet must necessarily overlap with other elements in the bathroom in order to create a harmonious interior. You can choose a shade based on the color of the walls, flooring, or choose a universal white color. If, in addition to the wall cabinet, there is still furniture in the bathroom, then it is desirable that it all be in the same style and color.

Today, wenge is a popular shade, dark and rich, but it will be appropriate in spacious bathrooms. For small bathrooms, it is better to choose light-colored furniture. Pay attention to the shades of green, which have a soothing effect and go well with yellow, brown and white tiles. Blue is the leader in bathrooms, brings freshness and relieves stress, looks great against the background of white tiles. Yellow, red and orange cabinets will make the bathroom bright and positive, but the main thing is not to overdo it with variegated shades. If you don’t know what color to choose, choose universal white.

As for the style, wooden cabinets with carvings will fit into the classic interiors of the bathrooms, and cabinets with strict minimalist shapes, an abundance of metal, mirror surfaces and backlit are suitable for the high-tech style. The rustic style is a massive tree, and in minimalism you can use plastic, MDF, glass and other materials – the main thing is that there are no flashy shades, curls and other decorative elements.

No. 6. Interior fittings, fittings and lighting

The role of fittings cannot be underestimated, because ease of use depends on all kinds of handles, hooks, fasteners, lifting mechanisms and guides. Considering the specific operating conditions in the bathroom, it is better to choose chrome fittings, which have a high level of durability and reliability.

Inside the cabinet there can be not only traditional shelves, but also drawers, pallets, hooks and crossbars – the choice of a particular model depends on the scenario of using this piece of furniture. Probably, it will be superfluous to say that before going to the store, you should have a clear idea of ​​where the cabinet will hang, and what will be stored there.

Some models of wall cabinets with a mirror are complemented by lighting, which is performed in the form of LED strips or spotlights. Such lighting will play the role of local and will allow you to more comfortably perform hygiene procedures near the mirror, completely replacing individual lamps.

In conclusion

An obligatory step when choosing and buying a wall cabinet is taking measurements. You must know exactly what maximum depth, width and height this piece of furniture should be, so that it will surely fit in the designated place and not interfere with free movement. When inspecting the cabinet, check the integrity of all surfaces and the reliability of the fittings.

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