6 tips for choosing artificial rattan wicker chairs

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Artificial rattan armchairs can become a stylish and practical decoration of a country house, garden plot or city apartment. Being an analogue of natural raw materials, artificial rattan has surpassed it in many respects. It is an inexpensive, strong, lightweight and durable material that is not scary to leave in the sun or rain. It is not surprising that artificial rattan furniture has won popular love, and its assortment in stores is constantly expanding. Before buying, it will not be superfluous to familiarize yourself with some of the nuances of the choice so that the purchased product will please for many years.

# 1. What is Artificial Rattan?

Artificial rattan, sometimes referred to as technoratan, poliratan and synthetic rattan, is a polymeric material based on nylon and cellulose. Artificial rattan fibers are made as follows:

  • nylon and cellulose are added to the synthetic thread. Sometimes rubber is added to give more flexibility;
  • to fix the structure and give the fibers the required shape, the material is passed through a special apparatus – an extruder. Due to this, the threads are obtained in different thicknesses;
  • the resulting fibers are fixed with special substances.
    artificial rattan

The exact composition of the artificial rattan is a trade secret.

Externally, the material is little distinguishable from natural rattan, because from the polymer mass you can form straws of any shade and accurately simulate the structure of natural fiber. Synthetic rattan has a number of advantages over natural and is much cheaper. Natural rattan is obtained from palms that grow mainly in Indonesia, and its artificial analogue is produced all over the world, which explains its high availability and popularity.

Artificial stripes can be of any length, unlike natural fibers. This allows us to make armchairs and other pieces of furniture of any complexity, size and configuration, to embody the most daring design ideas into reality. The frame can be made of metal or molded plastic.

faux rattan chair

# 2. Advantages of artificial rattan chairs

Artificial rattan chairs will become not only beautiful, but also practical decoration. The use of synthetic fibers has brought about numerous advantages:

  • versatility. Wicker chairs made of artificial rattan are perfect for apartments and houses, as well as for open verandas and terraces;

  • resistance to temperature extremes, direct sunlight and precipitation. Artificial rattan furniture can be watered with a garden hose, and if it remains in the rain outside, you should not worry – nothing will happen to it. For complacency, you can put a canopy over such furniture, which will allow you to relax in an armchair even on the hottest days, without fear of the scorching sun rays;

  • high strength and elasticity, therefore, under the influence of large masses, the surface does not deform. Even the most fragile-looking chair can easily withstand up to 150 kg, so it will cope with its direct function perfectly;
    faux rattan armchair 2

  • lightness of products. Wicker chairs made of artificial rattan can be easily rearranged from one place to another;

  • artificial rattan does not rot, swell or dry out, unlike its natural counterpart;
  • long service life. According to the manufacturers, even after decades, the furniture will remain the same beautiful, comfortable and durable;

  • absence of burrs, which inevitably appear over time on natural rattan;

  • diversity. Color, shape and size can be practically anything, and a wide range of wicker chairs on the page http://4sis.ru it proves.
    faux rattan armchair 3

  • affordable price;

  • easy care. Rattan does not attract dust, and simple water, a brush, and a dry absorbent cloth are suitable for cleaning. If it is necessary to clean up serious dirt, cleaning agents are used. They will not damage the surface of the chair.

There are practically no drawbacks to wicker chairs made of this material, but now some of these products can cost 30-40% more than their natural counterparts – this is a payment for the original design and practicality. Another nuance is a possible crunch under the influence of gravity. It is associated with the peculiarities of the production of rattan furniture: it is usually coated with oil paint, which contains polyurethane, and a special varnish. The latter becomes the cause of a specific crunch.
faux rattan chair 4

No. 3. How to determine the quality of artificial rattan?

The popularity of technorattan furniture has led to the fact that not very high-quality products have appeared in stores, which are made without observing certain rules, and therefore do not have all the advantages listed above. In order for the chosen chair to serve faithfully for many years, it is necessary to pay attention to the following nuances when buying:

  • frame material. The frame can be made of aluminum, steel or molded plastic. The latter is rarely used, and the most widespread is the aluminum frame. It must be strong and thick enough – products with thin aluminum tubes will be short-lived and unable to withstand a large person. A steel frame cannot be called a good solution, especially if the chair will be standing outdoors, since the steel used, as a rule, is not covered with a protective coating and rusts over time;
    faux rattan chair 5

  • weaving tension is an important indicator of product quality. Checking the tension is easy. To do this, it is enough to put pressure on the weaving with your hand – a high degree of resistance indicates the strength of the chair;

  • the density of weaving is determined by the location of individual strips of artificial rattan in relation to each other: the closer, the better;

  • if an increased load is constantly carried on the chair, it is better to choose a product with additional weaving. It is located on the inside and is created using a metal mesh or special belts;
  • number of joints. A quality rattan chair will only have one seam. Only such products can be used outdoors;

  • the surface should be smooth, free of cracks and burrs.
    faux rattan chair 6

No. 4. Where can you use a faux rattan chair?

The versatility allows the use of wicker chairs in rooms of any style and purpose. They can be placed in residential apartments and houses, taking a worthy place in the living room, dining room or on the balcony. Modern wicker chairs can be either a separate element of the interior, or be included in dining furniture sets along with a table. As a rule, such kits are made in the same style. Therefore, they look beautiful in any room design. Armchairs made of artificial rattan will decorate the interior in Provence, loft, country styles, and will also complement Scandinavian-style rooms.
faux rattan chair 7

faux rattan chair 8

Wicker chairs are irreplaceable for arranging a recreation area in a country house or in the country. They can be placed on the veranda, terrace, on a spacious balcony, in a gazebo, or placed on the site, thus equipping a chic recreation area. Another area of ​​application of rattan chairs is catering establishments. In cafes, restaurants and bars, such furniture can be used both on summer grounds and in the main halls.

faux rattan armchair 9

No. 5. Variety of colors and shapes

The variety created by the manufacturers makes it easy to choose a chair of the right size, height, color and design. The size and height are selected depending on the purpose of use: if the chair will serve for relaxation and light snacks in nature or on the balcony, then it can be low enough, but if it is used along with a dining table, then it should be so high that the person sitting it was convenient to eat.

The color of the product can be any, but most often you can find chairs in different shades of gray and brown. Be sure to pick up soft pillows right away to make your chair as comfortable as possible.

faux rattan armchair 10

The design of the wicker chair may vary. The most widespread are ordinary chairs with legs or with a solid footrest, since they are as functional as possible and can be used both for relaxation and for arranging the dining area. On sale you can find rocking chairs that provide maximum comfort and relaxation to the seated person.

The most interesting option is a hanging chair, which will find application both in a city apartment and in the country. Attaches to a sturdy metal tripod and can hold up to 250 kg. Since the tripod has a floor or ground base, the chair can be positioned anywhere and easily repositioned when needed. Such products are usually oval or round in shape, but can be square. There are many options, you can even attach a hanging chair to a tree branch in the garden.
faux rattan armchair 11

If a table, sofa or any other artificial rattan items are purchased with a rattan chair, it is important to think in advance how they will be combined. In order not to bother, it is better to pay attention to ready-made kits. In size, the selected pieces of furniture should correspond to the room or designated area on the site.

No. 6. Maintenance and repair

Artificial rattan chairs are very easy to maintain. To maintain cleanliness, they can sometimes be wiped clean with a damp cloth or watered directly with a garden hose. To clean up more serious dirt, use a soap solution and a stiff brush.

Most breakdowns can be fixed at home. If a fiber bursts, then the damaged tapes are safely cut off, and then a hole is braided with similar strips bought in the store. Rusted fasteners can be easily replaced with stainless ones, having previously cleaned the corrosion spots. If desired, the chair can be repainted in any desired shade using acrylic spray paint.

The beautiful appearance of wicker chairs made of synthetic rattan allows you to create a nice and cozy seating area, and excellent performance will ensure durability of the furniture and save the owner from the hassle of caring for it.

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