6 tips for choosing and placing hallway mirrors Which mirror to buy?

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It is difficult to argue with the fact that the mirror is one of the most important elements of the hallway. Its functions are also very clear, but in addition to creating a reflection, a mirror surface is able to enlarge the space or correct some of the flaws in its geometry. In order for the hallway mirror to combine all these functions and be a real decoration, it is important to choose the right option and find the right place for it.

# 1. Choosing the type of mirror for the hallway

The hallway mirror can be one of the following types:

  • wall;
  • outdoor;
  • an element of furniture or decoration.

Wall mirrors are the most common type of mirrors in the hallway. They can be framed or not, can be supplemented with a shelf below or other elements. The wall mirror can be vertical or horizontal. The first option is better, because it allows a person to consider himself at full height. An additional advantage is the ability to make the room visually slightly higher. The main thing is to hang the mirror evenly, otherwise you can get significant deformations in the reflection: if the upper part is slightly farther from the wall than the lower one, then in the reflection the person will look somewhat slimmer. This is not bad, but misleading.

hallway mirror

Unfortunately, not all hallways have enough space for a large growth mirror, so you often have to be content with small options placed above the bedside tables. As a rule, these are horizontal canvases, which have their own advantages. So, they are able to visually expand the wall on which they are located, which means they can enlarge the hallway itself.

hallway mirror 2

Floor mirrors must be in the frame and have a stand. They can be easily moved from place to place, change the angle of inclination. This option is often used for spacious hallways, but for the most compact rooms it is a great option, because the mirror can be moved at any time.

hallway mirror 3

An interesting option is to place a mirror on the entire wall: the expansion of the hallway space is guaranteed, and you can also see your image in the smallest detail. This is a great option for long and narrow hallways, but you will have to regularly take care of such a surface so that it does not lose its qualities.

hallway mirror 4

The mirror can be part of the furniture and at the same time perfectly cope with its tasks. Often the mirror is located on the cabinet door, it becomes part of the finished structure for the hallway. This is a convenient and functional option that will help you save time and space when choosing the right mirror. If a whole wardrobe is placed in the hallway, then often its doors are made mirrored. In this case, it is important to remember that mirrored doors are less durable than ordinary deaf doors, so you should not lean on them.

hallway mirror 5

Another interesting option is to use a mirror finish. It can be a mirror tile, which alternates with the usual one, thereby forming an interesting interior, increasing the space and serving as a reflective surface, because a whole canvas can be formed from individual parts. Mirror tiles for the ceiling are, rather, a decorative technique, since in this case the mirror cannot perform a direct function.

hallway mirror 6

No. 2 Shape and size of the mirror

The mirror in the hallway plays not only a purely functional role, but also a decorative one, and with its help you can decorate and highlight this room. The shape of the mirror sheet is of great importance. The most common are rectangular and square options, but if you want to achieve an interesting effect, you can opt for a mirror of irregular or non-standard shape.

hallway mirror 7

Round mirrors also look very interesting in the hallway. Once people believed that mirrors of this shape protect from the evil eye, the Feng Shui teaching speaks of their beneficial effect on energy, but if we discard all this, then we get just an interesting and unusual solution. With the right approach, a round mirror will generally look like a window, which is so lacking in the hallway.

hallway mirror 8

As for the size of the mirror, it is better, of course, that it be full-length. But in modern small hallways, there is not always enough space for such an option – it is important to correctly estimate the size of the room in advance in order to understand exactly what size the mirror will fit exactly. The minimum dimensions for a mirror are 30 * 40 cm, with parameters 40 * 60 cm, you can already see yourself up to the waist, and a canvas with a size of 60 * 120 will allow you to see yourself at full height.

hallway mirror 9

If the hallway is very small, then you can use a horizontal wall mirror or a mobile floor mirror, which, if necessary, can be removed altogether. A ready-made set of furniture, which includes a wardrobe, a mirror, and all kinds of shelves, will also be a good option for compact hallways. You can also use a mirror combined with another element, for example, a shelf for hats, a hanger, etc.

hallway mirror 10

No. 3. Number of mirrors

The mirror in the hallway does not have to be just one – you can create a whole composition of mirrors of different sizes and shapes. It is important that they are in the same style. You can use mirrors of the same size and place them on different walls so that you can see yourself from all sides before going out. This technique also allows you to visually expand the boundaries of the hallway. In any case, it is important not to overdo it, because multiple reflections and the looking glass effect will not decorate the room.

hallway mirror 11

No. 4. Mirror style

If there are several mirrors in the hallway, even their different shapes and sizes are allowed. The main thing is that they are made in the same frames, due to which a composition effect is achieved, reminiscent of an art gallery. Whatever one may say, the mirror must necessarily be in harmony with the entire space, complement it and fit well into the chosen style of the interior.

hallway mirror 12

So, for a classic interior, mirrors in massive wooden or forged frames, in gilded frames with numerous curls are suitable. For a hi-tech or minimalist interior, a mirror in a plastic or smooth metal frame is suitable. A pebble, shell or bamboo frame is a great addition to the nautical style, and the frameless option is suitable for the Art Nouveau style.

hallway mirror 13

No. 5. Correct mirror illumination

Since the entrance hall is in 99% of cases a room without natural light, in order to see yourself in the mirror, it must be properly illuminated. It is desirable that in the hallway there is not only a general light source, but also a local one, which would directly illuminate the area near the mirror. A person standing in front of a mirror should be well and evenly lit in order to correctly assess their appearance before going out. To do this, you can use:

  • Spotlights;
  • symmetrical wall sconces;
  • floor lamp;
  • swivel lamps (spots).

hallway mirror 14

In addition, LED strips are also popular, which are easy to install, consume a minimum of energy and serve for a long time. But they are mainly used for decorative purposes, and a sufficient level of illumination is formed thanks to the methods listed above.

hallway mirror 15

Proper lighting and placement of mirrors and fixtures can correct many of the hallway’s imperfections. So, in a dark narrow corridor, it is enough to hang the lamp on the wall opposite to the mirror, and thanks to its reflection, you will get a hallway close to a square shape, filled with light.

No. 6. Mirror placement

Whatever shape and size the mirror in the hallway is, it is important to place it so that there is enough space in front of it. This space is designed so that a person can calmly dress and examine themselves.

hallway mirror 16

It is best to position the mirror surface on a wall perpendicular to the wall with the entrance door. The location of the mirror directly opposite the front door is not the best solution, because immediately upon entering the apartment you will see a looming reflection in front of you. But there are exceptions: designers allow such a mirror placement, provided that the hallway is very small and the entrance immediately bumps into the wall.

In conclusion

When the size of the mirror and the place for it are determined, it’s time to move on to the most interesting process – the choice of a suitable design option of the required shape and dressed in a frame that matches the style. The scope for imagination is huge, and even from the smallest hallway, you can get a harmonious space thanks to the right choice of the size of the mirror and the place for it.

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