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Today it has become fashionable to equip a podium in an apartment. This is done not only for the purposes of aesthetics and zoning. The main reason often lies in the insufficient number of square meters and an attempt to place a lot of things and functional areas in a very limited space. In this sense, the podium in the apartment has become a real salvation. The elevation allows you to hide the bed, drawers and shelves, hide communications and more. We have collected a lot of interesting ideas for arranging a podium in the house.

# 1. What functions are assigned to the podium?

The rapidly growing popularity of podiums is due to the versatility of this design. The elevation in the apartment can be used for the following purposes:

  • masking communications, if this cannot be done using other methods. Often, podiums are erected in kitchens and bathrooms to hide water and sewer pipes. Looking ahead, we note that in this case it is imperative to provide for free access to communications;

  • zoning of space, because the difference in height allows you to clearly separate one functional area from another. Relevant for studio apartments and living rooms combined with kitchens;

  • rational use of the existing area. The podium allows you to divide part of the room into tiers, and each tier can be used for its intended purpose. On a hill, you can place any furniture, equip an office or living room, and the space under the podium can be used to store a lot of things. With the correct planning of the storage area, you can replace a good half of the massive wardrobe with a podium alone, which means that there will be more space in the room. Often the space under the pedestal is used to install a pull-out bed;

  • correction of space. The podium allows you to visually correct the geometry of long, narrow rooms. To do this, it is enough to organize an elevation near a short wall, the contour of which will have a rounded or curvilinear shape;

  • podium – instead of furniture. If you put a mattress on it, you get a comfortable full bed. We have already mentioned the possibility of organizing a spacious dressing room under the podium.

One podium can combine several of the above functions, which is especially appreciated by owners of small apartments. For example, a podium can separate the working area with a desk from the living room, and inside you can hide a sleeping place, which in some studio apartments does not fit in any way.

# 2. Where is the best place to place the podium?

A podium is a convenient and useful thing if the owners of the apartment thought about its placement. We note right away that ready-made podiums are not for sale in stores – they are assembled in an apartment or house, taking into account all the requirements put forward, so you don’t have to adjust – everything is in our hands.

What is important to consider when choosing a podium location?

  1. If the podium is used to mask communications, then its place is determined by the location of the pipes.
  2. If the elevation plays the role of a bed, then it will be where it is most appropriate to put the bed.

  3. It is not worth organizing a podium in the center of the room or in a walk-through place, as the risk of injury increases, and it will be inconvenient to constantly bypass the structure.
  4. In a pencil case room, the podium is not placed along a long wall. It is better to organize the elevation near a short wall and thus divide the room into two squares. In rooms with a regular shape, the podium can be arranged in a corner, making it in the form of a square, rectangle or semicircle.
  5. When looking for the best place for a podium in an apartment, pay attention to arches, niches and other architectural features that can become part of the pedestal or serve as its frame.
  6. The height of the podium, depending on its purpose, ranges from 15 to 50 cm, but the height of the room must be taken into account. It is important that a person standing on the podium can straighten up to their full height.

Designers recommend not to place unnecessarily massive pieces of furniture on the podium. Everything that stands at the height automatically attracts the attention of the person who entered – these are the features of human perception. If large heavy things stand at a height, then the apartment will look overloaded.

No. 3. What are the disadvantages of the podium you need to know about?

There are few drawbacks to the podiums, but still they are, and you need to know about them. Most of the disadvantages are the consequences of an ill-conceived location of the pedestal or its poor-quality construction.

The owner of the podium may face such disadvantages:

  • the area of ​​the room remains unchanged, but some difficulties may arise when rearranging and selecting furniture. The reason for this is the emerging rise;
  • the podium can significantly complicate the life of the elderly;
  • very carefully to calculate the height of the podium. If you want to place a roll-out bed inside, then take into account the height of the mechanism with rollers and guides, the thickness of the mattress, pillows and blankets. On average, the podium height in this case should be 70-80 cm. If the ceiling height in the apartment is 2.5 m, then this is not your option;
  • a sleeping place located on a low podium is romantic and beautiful, but it will be difficult to go to bed and get up. For a person of age, such a solution is definitely not suitable.

No. 4. Ideas for arranging a podium in an apartment

The podium suggests a lot of scenarios for its use. Some of them are aimed at a variety of interiors, others – at the most rational use of space.

Here are some ideas for organizing your podium space:

  • podium bed is the most common solution. The sleeping area can be organized in a niche or in an open space – in any case, the podium will visually separate it from the rest of the areas in the apartment. The height of the podium for the bed is 20-50 cm, take into account the height of the mattress when calculating. When arranging a bed on such a hill, you can save on buying a full bed – you only need a good mattress. The space under the bunk can be used for storage. If space remains around the perimeter of the podium, it can be used as a bedside table;

  • podium-chest of drawers. Drawers on casters that hide under the podium can be used to store a lot of things. For this purpose, you can use the steps of the podium. If the hill has a decent height, then its base can be decorated with niches for storing books and souvenirs. LED lighting will serve as a decoration. Podium storage can be supplemented with conventional cabinets and shelves located around the perimeter of the pedestal;

  • stash podium. The entire space under the podium can be occupied by a secret bed, which, if necessary, can be pulled out using guides and rollers. For studio apartments with an area of ​​20-25 square meters, where the arrangement of a full-fledged bed seems to be something from the realm of fantasy, this is a great option. The main thing is to leave enough space for pulling out the bed. Another inverse option is to make it look like a cellar. If the podium is set up as a play area for children, then a recess can be made in the floor for storing toys. After active games, it will be enough to quickly put everything in an impromptu cellar, close it with a lid, and order;

  • correction and zoning. The podium is necessary not only for narrow, long rooms. In the hallway, combined with the living room, for example, by the difference in height, you can highlight the area where you need to take off your shoes.

The podium becomes irreplaceable in studio apartments and one-room apartments, especially if the family has children. In this case, the elevation can become a miniature children’s room: on the upper tier everything that is necessary for study and entertainment, the lower tier is a pull-out bed, steps are for storing things.

However, the podium is necessary not only for miniature spaces – in large living rooms and bedrooms, it allows you to clearly distinguish individual zones and make the room much more comfortable.

The decoration of the podium space is often done in the same way as in the rest of the room. If the task is to further highlight this area, then you can use a different floor or wall covering, but you should not forget about the harmony and combination of colors.

An interesting solution in the design of the podium is the use of LED lighting along the contour. In this case, you can get a real scene in an ordinary apartment.

No. 5. Types of podiums and material of manufacture

By design, the podiums can be divided into:

  • monolithic;
  • wireframe.

Monolithic ones are made of concrete. Strong and reliable structures come out, only for an apartment building the weight of such a podium is prohibitively high. It is possible to facilitate the construction using expanded clay concrete or foam blocks, but this is an option for private houses. To fill the podium, formwork of the required shape is used.

Frame podiums are the best solution for ordinary apartments. The frame is made of wooden beams or metal; plywood, chipboard or OSB are used for cladding. Sheets can be laid in two layers to increase structural strength.

No. 6. Do-it-yourself podium in an apartment: principle of work + video

In order for the podium to be durable and reliable, all the roll-out mechanisms in it functioned normally and did not warp, the construction process should be approached with full responsibility. It is better to entrust everything to a professional performer, but if you have basic construction skills, desire and self-confidence, then you can try to do everything yourself.

The optimal podium design for an apartment is a frame. The principle of work on its creation is as follows:

  • preparation of a drawing, which will reflect the size and shape of the podium, the location of the frame lag, the dimensions of the drawers and other details. Do not forget to take into account the thickness of the bars and sheathing material;

  • laser or building level mark on the walls the level of the future podium. The contour of the podium is applied to the floor. The result largely depends on the correctness of this stage of work;
  • marks on the wall can also be made at the points of attachment of the frame bars. For the construction of the frame, beams of 50 * 50 mm are suitable, if the load is assumed to be no more than 200 kg / m2. At higher loads, a bar of 75 * 75 mm is taken;
  • the lower beams are attached to the wooden floor with self-tapping screws, to the concrete floor – with quick-assembly dowels. Naturally, it is better to remove the floor covering before starting work, but some experts say that this is not necessary at all. Many people do without lower beams by immediately installing vertical beams in increments of 40 cm. Vertical beams can be attached to the floor or load-bearing walls;
  • when the lower horizontal beams are installed, vertical supports are placed in the corners, which are subsequently connected by the upper horizontal beams. Verticality is carefully controlled. You can now install additional vertical supports if you have not installed them before. All bars are connected at right angles, fixed with screws or nails, to guarantee you can use a metal corner;
  • if the presence of drawers or beds is expected, at this stage frames and guides are mounted for them;
  • if there are no boxes inside, then it is better to fill the space under the podium with mineral wool or foam, which will serve as sound insulation;
  • if the podium is supposed to be illuminated, then it is better to bring the wiring at this stage;
  • sheathing of the frame is performed with 20 mm plywood sheets, chipboard, OSB, gypsum-fiber boards or ordinary boards. The material is fixed to the frame with self-tapping screws or nails; it is advisable to leave expansion joints of 2-3 mm in case the material expands when moisture is absorbed. If the inner space of the podium will be used, then it is also sheathed at this stage, and in front of the front sheathing;

  • if the end of the podium should be curved, then flexible material is used for its sheathing. Thin plywood and metal profiles will do.

The final touch is a fine finish. You can choose any material as a floor covering for the podium, except for self-leveling floors. Don’t forget the lighting. Backlighting along the contour of the podium is not only an interesting design solution, but also a safety measure.

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