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Do you need repairs or even construction? Then you know for sure that not only the quality and price of the selected materials affect the final result. Much depends on the professionalism and conscientiousness of the construction team. Alas, among the builders there are a lot of armless, irresponsible, time-delaying, drinking and even fraudsters – there is always a lot of money at stake. Fortunately, there are decent masters. But how do you find them? Let’s talk about this, studying the main ways to find a construction team.

Asking friends

Surely, while starting construction, you have already managed to share this idea with your relatives and friends. Perhaps you have already had time to advise decent craftsmen who have shown themselves well among friends and relatives, their acquaintances or neighbors. This is ideal.

Remember, maybe recently you were visiting someone and noticed a well-done renovation. Perhaps a neighbor in a house or a plot recently started a construction project and now is not overjoyed at the result. Do not hesitate to ask – quite often the neighbors and friends themselves do not know any of the repairmen, but they remember that their acquaintances recently praised someone very much. This is word of mouth, which allows you to get real feedback and, what is most valuable, even personally assess the quality of the builders’ work.

If someone was advised to you, do not forget to ask if there were any problems in the process of work, how things were with the deadlines, whether the masters had bad habits, whether they invested in the estimate, etc.

By the way, negative reviews will also help – you will know exactly who you shouldn’t contact. This is such a blacklist, thanks to which it will be possible to filter offers on the Internet.

Remember that in the midst of the construction season, good craftsmen are very rarely free, so it is better to be puzzled by the search as early as possible.

We search on the Internet

Many of us will not even ask our acquaintances – they will immediately go to look for a construction team on the Internet. Special message boards, social networks, and even personal sites of repairmen will come to the rescue.

Searching message boards is the most dangerous option. Here you see only the contacts of the team, a small description of their services and, at most, several photos of the work performed (which may not belong to them). You can check whether the team is uploading their work thanks to a picture search in Yandex or Google. It is more difficult to assess decency, since the masters can say one thing, but behave in a completely different way. Ask if an electrician has a permit, what education does a plumber. Plus, trust your intuition and appreciate the appearance of the master who will come to the challenge.

For a long time, both construction teams and single craftsmen have their pages on various social networks. There should definitely be examples of work and even reviews. The latter, however, are usually cleaned up, because it will be difficult to obtain objective information, but often real reviews can be found on independent sites.

The personal website of the construction team is convenient in that it contains a maximum of information about the list of work performed, specialists, cost, there are photo examples, sometimes even useful advice. Reviews on such sites, if any, are always only positive. A search engine will help to double-check the information, which will find reviews about this team and on other resources. It is worth noting that a team that has its own website will usually be more serious and responsible than one that can be found by an ad on a post or a virtual bulletin board.

Perhaps one of the best options for finding builders on the Internet is the use of specialized sites. A striking example is the service to everyone. There you create an application, indicating a list of necessary work, region, approximate budget and other details. In response, you will receive offers from different teams, you will be able to compare and choose the most suitable one. Thousands of brigades and craftsmen are registered on the site, so you can definitely find the best performer. In addition, the service allows contractors to search subcontracts for construction… The site provides ongoing support for all customers and assistance in solving problems.


You do not need to be especially careful to notice that advertisements of various specialists (and sometimes not so specialists) surround us everywhere. I left the house – in front of the entrance there are already several advertisements hanging, and brochures are lying in the mailbox. While walking to the store or to the bus stop, several more flyers flew into my hands. I stopped at a bus stop – everything around was pasted over with advertisements, and poles in many cities had long since turned into notice boards.

The experience of numerous customers suggests that the masters from such advertising brochures very often openly lie. For example, they promise to glaze a balcony literally for a penny, i.e. much lower than even the very cost of the glazing system. Painfully tempting prices should be alarming. In general, such a search for masters is quite risky, but, on the other hand, if the team started working recently, then it needs to somehow get the first orders, and it looks for them in all possible ways. So be careful, evaluate the appearance of the master, the manner of his communication, ask about education and work experience, ask to show a photo of the already completed construction, decoration, etc.

Newspapers, magazines and radio

Previously, the most popular and practically the only way to advertise today has already gone down in history. A couple of people out of a hundred, mostly elderly people, will turn to the newspaper for a search for a construction team. It is difficult to choose a specialist for three lines, you will have to call many. In addition, good brigades have not used this method for a long time, and there are more and more advertisements in the newspapers from masters and brigades, and very often it is replete with tempting bait prices for gullible customers.

Repair service

In Europe, such proposals have been working for a long time, and in the domestic market, companies have just begun to appear that put repairs on stream. In fact, they offer ready-made repairs according to a pre-developed scheme, so the time and budget can be planned as accurately as possible. Such companies have already assembled teams and foremen, the quality of work is at a high level, since the reputation of the service depends on it.

You can make edits to the finished repair scheme, create your own design project, but the cost of the work will increase. If you need to make repairs quickly, with a small budget, and there is no need for some too sophisticated and unusually unique design, then the repair service is very convenient. The only downside is that while it works in large cities, and the service itself is provided by only a few companies, but this area is the future.

On the highway

In the 90s, a construction crew could be found on the road. In Moscow, such a point was the Yaroslavl highway. On the site outside the Moscow Ring Road builders of different stripes gathered, it was often from there that they recruited teams to build houses on Rublevka. Previously, it was a fairly popular place where you could actually find competent specialists – there were many professionals who were out of work in the 90s.

Today, looking for builders on the highway is a bad idea. Only inexpensive labor remained there. However, if you are looking for someone to remove debris or dig up a vegetable garden, then you can try your luck on the highway.

Finally, we note that, unfortunately, among builders there are enough not very decent performers who can overestimate the estimate, buy cheaper material and pass it off as expensive, inflate the price of the purchased material (an agreement with the seller and a small monetary reward works wonders), etc. … You should be extremely careful and supervise the team at every stage of the work.

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