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The hallway is the face of an apartment or house, its business card, this is the first thing that everyone who comes to visit you sees. Therefore, many strive to turn it into a cozy functional corner: if the hallway is spacious, then it will not be difficult to do this, because any furniture, any accessories and any decoration can be used there. It is much more difficult to equip a small hallway, which is a small square room or a narrow corridor. Here you need to think carefully and understand how to make it seem a little more spacious, but at the same time, so that it accommodates everything that should be in this room. The functionality of the hallway, and this is the storage of shoes, outerwear, umbrellas and other little things, must be preserved in any case. How to keep the balance of beauty, functionality and space in a small area? There are several basic rules.

# 1. We remove the doors

Perhaps your miniature hallway can be visually made much more spacious, only if you slightly transform the doorways leading to adjacent rooms. As a rule, the hallway is deprived of natural light, and the sun’s rays come into it from adjacent rooms, the rest of the time you have to be content with artificial light. The door to the adjacent kitchen or living room can be removed altogether, the doorway can be slightly widened or turned into an arch. This will blur the boundaries of different rooms a little, and the hallway is guaranteed to be perceived as something more spacious. In addition, light from the next living room or kitchen will penetrate into it.
small hallway without doors

Such a solution may not please everyone, because then some rooms turn out to be, as it were, devoid of security, privacy, and personal space. A great alternative is to replace the usual blind doors with sliding ones, which will not take up space at all, or use glass inserts in the doors so that light seeps through even if they are closed.

# 2. Storage systems

Storing a certain amount of things is the main purpose of the hallway. This can be outerwear, shoes, hats, hats, umbrellas, keys, scarves, etc. If all this hangs from hooks in a small hallway, occupying about half of the space, then there is no question of any correct organization of the territory. That is why it is worth thinking about a wardrobe, where everything you need can be neatly hidden so that the abundance of things does not endlessly catch your eye. Even in the smallest hallway, you can try to place a compact wardrobe, or make a similar one to order so that it fits exactly into the given dimensions. If the doors of such a cabinet are mirrored, then you can kill two birds with one stone: the mirror expands the space, and it is simply necessary in the hallway.

By the way, a wardrobe can be combined with an interior partition – a non-standard and rather interesting solution that will help add space to the hallway.

But there are hallways where even the most compact wardrobe cannot fit at all. In this case, there is also a way out – to store only the most necessary things in the hallway, and place the rest in other rooms.

The storage system can also be organized using a small corner cabinet that will hold a surprising amount of things. Cabinets can be replaced with a small chest of drawers, a top rack, several shelves and hooks, a mezzanine. As a result, even in the smallest hallway it will be possible to store a certain amount of necessary things, which will make it functional. Maybe an ordinary hanger on a high leg is suitable for your hallway, and you can compactly hang outerwear, hats, and umbrellas on it.

In the hallway, it is difficult to do without a small bench on which it is convenient to put on and take off your shoes. Such a bench can be combined with a shoe rack so as not to lose valuable square centimeters.

You can also organize storage in the hallway with the help of organizers – wicker baskets, drawers, key holders, where all the little things you need before going out will get. The advantage of this solution is that all accessories, keys and other items will not be randomly scattered over a small room, making it even smaller, but will be systematized. It is important that all those things that are stored in the hallway are folded or lay neatly, neatly, because it is the hallway that creates the first impression on everyone who enters.

No. 3. We use mirrors

A mirror in the hallway is necessary not only so that you can look at your appearance before leaving. It also performs another equally important and useful function – expanding the space, and the larger this mirror, the more it reflects and, as it were, doubles the area of ​​the hallway.

The mirror may be on the floor – the most ideal option, but if this is not possible, then it is quite possible to do with a medium-sized mirror at eye level, and let there be some kind of cabinet, chest of drawers, hangers, etc. under it. A vertical mirror can slightly lengthen the hallway, and horizontally elongated – make the space visually much wider.

By the way, designers recommend using as few sharp corners as possible in small hallways, so oval and round mirrors are a priority.

A mirror can become part of a wardrobe, and in general all shiny and reflective surfaces have the ability to increase space, so even glossy furniture can play into your hands.

Trying to deceive the eyes, it is important not to cross the border and not turn the hallway into a solid reflective surface. As a result, it is easy to lose spatial orientation in such a room, especially for people who first find themselves in such a hallway.

No. 4. Lighting

Of course, a lighter room looks much more spacious than a dark room of the same size. That is why a small hallway especially needs sufficient artificial lighting. It is necessary to abandon massive chandeliers, which by their appearance only emphasize the small parameters of the hallway, it is better to use small spotlights or sconces. It is better if the illumination of a small hallway will not consist of one light source, therefore, provide for the illumination of mirrors, shelves, and a wardrobe. You will see, a few additional bulbs, and the hallway will seem much warmer, more comfortable and more spacious.

small hallway lighting

small hallway lighting 2

No. 5. Correct color scheme

The perception of any room is highly dependent on color: it has already been proven that light shades push the boundaries of even the tiniest space a little, and dark deep shades can greatly reduce the room, as if moving the walls. That is why it is better to choose any light shade for a small hallway, but preference should be given to cold ones. If you paint the walls or glue the wallpaper in a white, pale blue, grayish or pale green shade, and also use the right lighting and mirrors, then you can get a completely normal one from a miniature hallway.

You also need to be careful when choosing a pattern on the wallpaper: a very large one is inappropriate as it will reduce even the most spacious room. Therefore, the ideal option is plain wallpaper, or wallpaper in a small pattern. By the way, the stripes on the wallpaper can also be used to your advantage: horizontal stripes will help to slightly stretch the room in width, but such a pattern cannot be used in hallways, corridors, and vertical stripes can visually raise the ceilings.

Try not to use materials such as wood and stone in the decoration and decoration of the hallway – they are more suitable for spacious rooms. For miniatures, plastic and glass are more acceptable materials – they look light, transparent, which means that, with proper functionality, they are not able to clutter and clutter up the space.

No. 6. Minimalism in everything

A small hallway requires the use of appropriate pieces of furniture and decor. If the wardrobe will occupy almost the entire space of the hallway, then it is clear that it has no place there. It is important to maintain a balance and leave free space for the comfortable movement of all residents and guests of the house.

To decorate the hallway, you can use bright paintings, rugs, greenery and other accessories, for example, an original housekeeper, a stand for umbrellas, newspapers, etc. But you should not get carried away in the decor: too many small details will only spoil the impression, and when the eye attracts several elements at the same time, any room will seem smaller than it is. That is why it is worth observing the rule of the golden mean, and using all kinds of jewelry in a minimum amount.

Minimalism is the main rule for a small hallway, which should be followed when choosing finishes, decor and furniture. There should be a minimum of details, furniture and accessories in a reasonable amount.


As you can see, a small hallway is not such a problem, and you can easily place everything you need there. It is important to clearly weigh what can be placed there, and whether some of the things can be transferred from the hallway to the room to other storage places. You also need to remember about light shades, good lighting, the presence of mirrors and bright accessories in small quantities.

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