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The smaller the area of ​​the apartment, the more fruitful ingenuity works. Many of our compatriots, especially residents of the so-called. Khrushchev. It’s time to stop complaining about a small living space, because with a reasonable approach, you can arrange everything you need on a modest amount of square meters. Particular difficulties often arise with the placement of the washing machine. Many people fundamentally do not want to put it in the kitchen, complaining about unwanted noise during dinner and other inconveniences. Others would be happy to endure all these disadvantages, but the machine does not fit in the kitchen. Going through various options, many come to the conclusion that the best place for a washing machine is a bathroom, no matter how compact it is. But even at this stage, difficulties await many, so we decided to figure out where it is better to put the washing machine in a small bathroom in order to get the most functional room in which there would still be room for free movement.

# 1. Placement under the countertop

This is a classic option for bathrooms of all sizes. By placing the washing machine under the countertop, we get many benefits at once. Firstly, you will not have to contrive with the summing up of communications. Secondly, everything will look harmonious and complete. Thirdly, the space under the sink or countertop is often left unused, and so it will be used with great benefit.

If the area of ​​the bathroom is very small, then it is better to choose a compact washing machine with a depth of about 45 cm.Its spaciousness is small, it will have to be washed in several runs – not very convenient, but if the apartment is of modest size, and washing by hand is not included in your plans, then you have to go to compromises. It will be more difficult to arrange a washing machine of standard sizes, but this does not mean that it is impossible to do this in principle – you just have to go for tricks.

Despite the fact that we all have a good idea of ​​what it is to install a washing machine under a countertop or under a sink, there are several ways to do this.Some of them are quite standard, others belong to the category of design secrets:

  • washing machine under the sink. The latter does not rest on the leg and does not have a bedside table, but at the same time it is equipped with a drain to the side, and not downward. The drain elbow should not be an obstacle. A machine of the same width and depth as the sink will look best. The standard height of machines with horizontal loading of linen allows you to mount the washbasin at a comfortable height, so this should not be a problem. In this case, significant space savings are achieved, so this is an option for the smallest bathrooms. If this method of placing the washing machine is chosen, then you should be especially careful to think over the scheme for connecting water, sewage and electricity. By the way, there are sets of washing machines and matching water lily sinks on sale. It is better to pay attention to them, since it will be difficult to independently select elements with the given parameters;

  • washing machine under the countertop. Many people prefer to embed the sink or put it on a countertop that is larger than the sink itself. The space around the washbasin is used to accommodate hygiene items and decor. As a rule, shelves and bedside tables are hidden under the countertop. Some of the space can be sacrificed for a washing machine. It will turn out beautifully, conveniently and functional. Whether to cover the washing machine with the door or not, decide for yourself. In the first case, we get a more harmonious look. Many people prefer to put the typewriter under the counter, but not directly under the sink. The place directly under the washbasin can be left free so as not to beat your knees. However, in this case it is permissible to organize a small pull-out shelf;

  • under a multilevel countertop. It is not always convenient to make a tabletop of the same height as a washing machine. This is especially true for people of short stature. In this case, there is no need to make sacrifices – it is enough to make part of the tabletop above the machine a little higher. The resulting space can be used to accommodate things;

  • typewriter on a drawer. Someone may face the exact opposite problem when the machine does not reach the level of the table top. You could easily close your eyes to this nuance, but if you are the owner of a small bathroom, then you don’t want to just miss the opportunity to organize additional storage space. Designers recommend putting the machine on a small drawer, and you can figure it out without us what to store in it;

  • washing machine under an irregular worktop. This is probably one of the most ingenious solutions for a small bathroom. At the same time, this method allows you to show imagination and take into account the configuration of your bathroom. The idea is to make the countertop uneven across the entire width. In the place above the machine, it can be wide, and then gradually taper (clearly visible in the photo). Why is this solution interesting? The fact that it is possible to fit the washing machine as harmoniously as possible (it is completely hidden by the countertop) and at the same time, due to the narrowing of the countertop, to get more space for free movement, so that no one bangs on corners trying to turn around in a modest bathroom.

# 2. Top-loading washing machine

Top-loading washing machines seem to have been designed for modern small bathrooms. They are narrow and take up little space. The ideal area for them is next to the shower stall. There is hardly enough space for a full bath in a small bathroom, and even if you put a shower tray, a small sink (you can corner), a toilet bowl and a top-loading machine on a modest 2-2.5 m2, then even for shelves there will be room.

For all their compactness, vertical machines have one big drawback – it will be impossible to organize a tabletop or a permanent storage place for some kind of bath accessories directly above it. But this is not a reason to give up on storage areas in principle. See how much space is needed in order to flip open the cover of the machine without hindrance. Mark this place on the wall – it can be considered the lower edge of a hanging cabinet or shelf. You can hang a corner cabinet above the typewriter – a lot of useful things will fit in this.

No. 3. Washing machine in a niche

If there is a niche in the bathroom or if it is really equipped, then we can assume that you have won the jackpot. This is the perfect place for a washing machine. Above it, you can equip a system of shelves for storing towels, robes, other hygiene items or household chemicals. The niche with the car can remain open, which is especially important when the depth of the niche is less than the depth of the car, or it can be covered. The latter option will be appreciated by fans of masking household appliances. This can be done in a number of simple ways:

  • cover the niche with an ordinary swing door, but this option is not available for every room, since the door will also need to be opened, and this requires space;
  • roller shutters will perfectly hide the car, and the shelves, and all communications. When opened, they roll up under the ceiling and do not take up space at all, but when closed they look like a solid canvas, which can have the same color as the walls and be completely invisible. Many people prefer to do photo printing on roller shutters, it turns out something like a photo wallpaper in the bathroom. The main thing is that access to everything that is hidden can be obtained quite easily and quickly;

  • as a cheaper analogue of plumbing shutters, roller blinds, blinds and fabric draperies are used.

If the bathroom borders on a miniature pantry, then consider combining the rooms. It will turn out just the same niche in which it will be possible to fit the machine without any problems, the place above it can be used with gigantic benefit.

No. 4. Washing machine in the closet

This option is best suited for combined bathrooms. The essence of the method is to select one of the walls or part of it to accommodate a tall open cabinet. Depending on how large the closet you can afford, you can say that the washing machine will occupy the entire lower section or only part of it. The entire top can be used for storage.

However, the cabinet can be closed, and the washing machine can be placed not near the floor itself, but slightly higher (examples in the photo). It all depends on your tastes, preferences and bathroom configuration.

No. 5. Washing machine on the wall

This option to put a washing machine in a small bathroom is designed for courageous people with non-trivial thinking. We’ll have to climb the wall in the literal sense of the word. Designers often use this trick when there are simply no options left. Only a compact washing machine can be used for this installation. Do not be afraid that the unit will fall or damage the tiles with constant vibrations – if the installation was carried out with all the rules provided for in this case, then operation will be absolutely safe. Naturally, you should not hang the machine on a plasterboard partition, but an ordinary wall will cope with such a load. The disadvantage of this solution is that the choice will be limited only to machines with a small tank volume. If the unit is hung at a sufficient height, the space underneath can be used as usual.

If the configuration of the bathroom allows, the washing machine can be positioned at a height in a niche.

No. 6. Washing machine in the bathroom in Khrushchev

Bathrooms in Khrushchevs are a separate topic. Someone calls the very fact of the existence of the Khrushchevs an act of exquisite torture on a person, but for someone a small apartment is an opportunity to have their own home and be creative.

Especially for the millions of inhabitants of Khrushchev, the designers have collected a lot of original ways to get out and put the washing machine in the bathroom. In addition to all the options listed, the following methods are useful:

  • when redeveloping an apartment and combining a bathroom, add a part of the corridor to the bathroom. You will get a niche in which a washing machine will fit perfectly. It can be placed both at floor level and slightly higher. The optimal drum location is 80-100 cm from the floor. In this case, you will not have to bend over again;
  • to allocate space for the washing machine, it is not at all necessary to make a global redevelopment. You can go for a trick and make a small niche due to the ledge towards the corridor. This ledge will be quietly masked by solid cabinet facades. As a result, we get all the delights of redevelopment without the redevelopment itself.

In conclusion

Furniture facades can be absolutely anything. It is desirable that the machine fit into the interior of the bathroom, but if this did not work out, then you can cover it with a door and not worry. If there is very little space, you will have to put up with compact horizontal-loading machines or look only towards the top-loading models. For a family of 2-3 people, a tank with a volume of 3-3.5 kg will be enough. So that a tiny bathroom, filled with plumbing fixtures, cabinets and appliances, does not seem like a small room at all, you will have to go to some design tricks: use light shades, glossy and mirror surfaces, and also give up unnecessary pieces of furniture and decor.

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