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Not everyone can boast of a spacious toilet in an apartment, so it doesn’t hurt to know several ways of how to expand such a modest space. Designers have already accumulated sufficient experience in transforming even the smallest washrooms into functional and spacious enough spaces, and it is these techniques that everyone can use when arranging their own toilet.

It is important not to forget that this room should be not only attractive in appearance, but also functional. It is good that the modern market of finishing materials offers a huge selection of various finishing methods that are adapted to the effects of high humidity, can be easily cleaned, do not deteriorate under the influence of aggressive detergents, etc. You can use tiles, washable wallpaper, moisture resistant plasterboard, laminated panels, glass, plastic, etc.

So, in what ways can you visually expand the space of a small toilet, make it more functional and aesthetic?

# 1. Light colors

Using light colors in a small room to visually enhance it is an idea as old as the world. A great option for a small toilet is white, which can be used for decoration and ceilings, and walls and ceilings. In combination with white plumbing and good lighting, the boundaries of the room will be so blurred that it will be simply impossible to consider the lack of space.

small toilet color 2

If this whiteness is not to your liking, then you can always use any light shade, and monochrome is welcomed: any color can be combined with white. The toilet can be decorated, for example, in gray and white colors, but it is important that the ceiling is as light as possible, because a dark color can significantly reduce even the most spacious room.

small toilet color 3

Many designers also advise using vertical or horizontal stripes to visually expand the space and slightly change its geometry, but still, in a very miniature toilet, it is better to use a plain light finish.

small toilet color

# 2. Decoration Materials

Most often, ceramic tiles are used in toilets, because it is easy to clean, does not lend itself to moisture, and has a nice appearance. It is not necessary to lay out everything from floor to ceiling with tiles: it is quite enough to cover the toilet with it half or 2/3 in height, combining it with another finishing material.

small toilet tile

An excellent alternative to ceramic tiles is washable paint. This option is also suitable if the walls in the toilet are not entirely even: under the paint this defect will not be so conspicuous, but they will definitely need to be leveled under the tiles. This whole procedure will steal invaluable centimeters of space. But if your choice still fell on paint, then choose light spring, light and pastel shades, but in this case it is better to refuse white – in narrow rooms the walls get dirty quickly, and they will need to be washed more often: if this is not scary for a tile , it is better not to wash even washable paint so often.

In some European countries, it is no longer uncommon to use moisture-resistant wallpaper in the toilet. You can use this idea and choose a light wallpaper with a medium-sized pattern.

small toilet wallpaper

Even a small toilet can be made fun and interesting using special stickers. They can be glued to wallpaper or painted walls, and the whole process takes a minimum of time and effort. In this way, you can create interesting pictures in your toilet, breathe a certain mood, etc.

Do not forget about the artificial stone, which can be competently combined with other finishing materials, getting not only a more spacious space, but also a more stylish room.

small toilet finish

No. 3. Compact plumbing

In a small space reserved for a toilet, it would be illogical to stir large plumbing items. Stop at miniature models, not forgetting, of course, about your own comfort. Naturally, in a small toilet it is very problematic to place something other than a toilet bowl. Therefore, the “maximum” option is to use a toilet bowl complete with a sink there, but you will most likely have to forget about a bidet, urinal and other plumbing fixtures. But for a small toilet there is another option – a combinitase, which, in addition to the function of the toilet itself, also acts as a bidet and washbasin. It is very convenient, practical, and most importantly, the minimum space is spent.

small toilet komounitaz

It is worth taking a closer look at the design of the toilet itself: it is optimal that it has an oblique outlet, but the connecting corrugation in our case is contraindicated, since it is capable of pushing the toilet forward, from which the room will not become more comfortable. Owners of small toilets can be advised to use small cisterns, and it is great if they are built into the wall, then the room will visually be perceived a little more.

small toilet wall mounted plumbing

To create the illusion of free space, you can use hinged plumbing. If someone doubts the reliability of a wall-mounted toilet, then it can withstand about 400 kg, so it can be safely installed in any apartment. By the way, if you put all the plumbing items in the toilet along one wall, then you can save a lot of space.

small toilet wall mounted plumbing

№4. Minimum furniture

As for all kinds of pieces of furniture and accessories, they should be at a minimum. Of course, you can’t do without a cabinet for all cleaning products and a shelf for hygiene items, but everything else can be superfluous. A cabinet with everything you need is best placed directly above the side or just under the ceiling: both of these locations are advantageous from the point of view that they are not very conspicuous, thereby not cluttering up the space.

small toilet storage 2

small toilet storage

Do not forget about the mirror: in addition to its direct function, it also performs the function of expanding space. A well-placed mirror surface can work wonders and transform a tiny toilet room into a normal-sized room.

By the way, the door to the small toilet should open outward. If this is not the case in your case, then make sure that when opening it does not touch the objects installed there. Otherwise, you will have to redo the door a little.

small toilet mirror

small toilet mirror 2

No. 5. Lighting

It’s good if the toilet can boast of natural light, but not everyone is so lucky. Therefore, you need to take care of the correct artificial lighting so that the small toilet does not look even smaller. You will need bright lighting, but the main thing is not to overdo it, so that the room does not turn into a kind of operating room.

If you used white or pastel colors in the decoration, then they will reflect light, making the room brighter, so you will not need powerful light sources. Spot lighting that is built into the ceiling or walls is ideal. If you equip all this with a dimmer, then you can adjust the lighting power.

No. 6. Decor selection

A tastefully decorated room is always perceived much better – this is no secret to anyone. If you take two identical toilets, and arrange one without adhering to any direction, and in the second create a certain design and select accessories in the same style, then the difference will be obvious. The second option will seem much more spacious. Therefore, the frame for the mirror, taps, toilet paper holder, bottles for liquid soap and perfumery, shades and other details are selected in the same style with each other and in combination with the decoration of the toilet. As a result, all these purely functional elements will also become a decorative item.

small toilet decor

Despite the beliefs of many that there is no place for jewelry in a small toilet, they can still comfortably fit here. The main thing is to measure the scale and know when to stop, so there can be a place for a small flower, a painting, photographs with landscapes, etc. in the toilet.

small toilet decor 4ъ

And, of course, keep order in this room, because a small toilet, like any other miniature space, if littered up, will seem like a tiny room, a closet, and all your efforts will come to naught.

small toilet decor 3


The toilet in most apartments is the smallest room, but also one of the most popular. For some reason, the least attention is paid to it during renovation, but the toilet should also be functional and stylish. A few simple tips will help you organize the interior of such a small space so that it will visually become much larger and brighter.

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