5 tips on which garage door is better to choose: types, sizes

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The choice of garage doors is one of the key stages of building design. Such important characteristics as the thermal insulation of the room and its safety, ease of use and economy of both internal space and the area in front of the garage directly depend on the type of their design. In the article you will find useful tips on which garage door is better to choose, as well as information on the minimum and maximum allowable sizes of different types of canvases.

Types of gates by design

The choice of the type of garage door depends on several factors:

  • Budget;
  • Availability of free space in front of the garage;
  • The size of the opening for the installation of the gate;
  • The need for an additional entrance in the form of a gate;
  • Control method.

Manufacturers offer us to choose from the following designs.

Swing gates

One of the most common types. They consist of two canvases that have a rigid frame and are hinged.

Their advantage is:

  • simplicity of design;
  • affordable cost;
  • sufficient reliability;
  • ease of installation;
  • the ability to supplement one of the canvases with an additional entrance (gate);
  • the ability to make gates for almost any opening size.

The disadvantage is that most swing gates open outward and therefore require a sufficient amount of free space in front of the garage. However, this problem can be eliminated by installing the gate so that it opens inward. This leads to another drawback – the side walls of the garage become non-functional, since it will not be possible to install racks or work tables along them. Also, in order to open the gate in winter, you will first need to remove the snow. The total width of the web cannot exceed 6 m.

Sliding gates

Ideal when space is limited in front of the garage.

They represent a canvas that moves sideways along the supporting beam using rollers. The canvas can be single-leaf and move to the right or left. Bivalve – move apart in two directions. Folding – consisting of several sections, which, when opened, fold according to the principle of an accordion door. The advantage of sliding structures is:

  • unlimited size;
  • long service life;
  • sufficient strength and reliability;
  • saving space.

The disadvantages include insufficient thermal insulation. Also, if the door leaf is jammed, it will be quite difficult to open it.


In this case, the canvas consists of several horizontal or vertical sections, the width of which does not exceed 50 cm.

The design itself can be overhead-sectional – when the door leaf rises up along special guides and is located under the ceiling. Or sliding – when the open canvas is located along the side wall.

  • Such gates are easy to operate and provide good thermal insulation;
  • The disadvantages include the concealment of the internal space, especially in the case of the side structure.

Lifting and turning

In this case, when opening, the door leaf first makes a turn around the horizontal axis and changes its vertical position to horizontal, and then goes under the ceiling along special guides.

Their advantages include:

  • reliability and high burglar resistance;
  • saving space;
  • the ability to install a mechanical opening system.

The disadvantages include the ability to install exclusively in rectangular openings.

Lifting guillotine

The door leaf is made of metal and is solid.

When opened, it does not fold, does not transform, but simply rises up along the vertical guides. This allows

  • save free space inside the building;
  • ensure tightness, thermal insulation and safety.

However, in this case, the space above the garage should be free. A significant disadvantage is the need to replace the entire blade in the event of even minor damage.

Roller type

The curtain consists of horizontal strips of small width, which, when the door is raised, are wound on a shaft, by analogy with roller blinds.

The shaft is enclosed in a protective box that can be mounted both outside and inside the garage. Their advantages are:

  • light weight;
  • wide price segment;
  • saving space;
  • the ability to install in an opening of any size;
  • the possibility of automation.

The disadvantages include a decrease in the strength of the structure with an increase in its size, the absence of a wicket, low thermal insulation and resistance to burglary.

Summarizing the information, we can draw the following conclusions:

  • If your goal is to save as much money as possible, choose swing or roller shutter gates;
  • If you need a decent thermal insulation – sectional;
    If the space in front of or to the side of the gate is limited, sliding or lifting gates will do;
  • If safety is in the foreground, choose the hoist guillotine type.

Control method

By default, the standard cost of the gate assumes the use of a manual control system.

  • Modern designs make it quite easy to raise / lower the sash, with little physical exertion;
  • Also, the manual control system provides a lower cost per set.

From a comfort point of view, the automatic control system will have an obvious advantage – you can operate the gate without even leaving the car. Which is especially convenient during cold weather or heavy precipitation. In this case, the automatic system is equipped with a control panel that has a range of 30 to 50 m.

Opening / closing can also be carried out using a button, which is mounted directly on the outside of the garage wall. This option is considered less comfortable. Whichever type of automation you choose, keep in mind that this will significantly increase the overall cost of the product.

Minimum and maximum dimensions of the canvas

Any type of gate has limitations in terms of the minimum and maximum size of the leaf.

This point also needs to be taken into account when designing a garage.

  • The standard minimum size of sectional doors is 2000 × 1800 mm, the maximum is 5000 × 3000 mm;
  • Lift-and-turn type – 2250 × 1920 mm and 5000 × 2125 mm, respectively;

  • Roller shutter – 2000 × 1500 mm and 6000 × 5000 mm.

Depending on the manufacturer, the size step is 20-50 cm in width and 5-15 cm in height.

What else to pay attention to

Once you have decided on the most convenient design, make sure the product meets the following guidelines.

  • Has a protective coating that resists the formation of corrosion and rust. This will significantly extend the service life;
  • If the canvas has insulation, pay attention to its material. It is preferable to choose polyurethane, which does not deform even after several years of operation and does not lose its properties;
  • Canvases of any kind must have internal metal stiffeners. They will provide more reliable fastening of the gate and prevent deformation of the leaves over time;
  • If a sectional type gate is chosen, pay attention that there are no large gaps between the plates;
  • If the system is equipped with torsion springs, a locking device must be installed for safety reasons. In the event of a break or breakage of the springs, the mechanism will lock the sash in any position and prevent it from falling on a person or a car;
  • If you live in northern regions that are prone to severe frosts, you need to make sure that the selected structure does not have elements made of materials prone to freezing. Otherwise, the system simply cannot function;
  • The most important criterion is burglary resistance. However, one should not harbor illusions on this score. Any, the most modern and expensive designs can be hacked if desired. In this case, the question is in the time that the attacker will spend on this. The longer the gate will resist, the more chances that the security service will arrive in time;
  • And most importantly – pay attention to the availability of the warranty and its duration. A quality product from a normal manufacturer will have a warranty of at least 5 years.
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