5 tips for choosing and calling a good electrician using the example of Moscow. Electrician services

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If you can assemble a cabinet or paint the walls yourself, then only a professional can handle electrical work. When it is necessary to carry out the installation of electrical wiring, install electrical equipment or a lamp, it is better to resort to the services of a specialist – this is a guarantee of the safety and quality of the work performed. Another question is how to look for a good electrician who would know his business, work efficiently and professionally. Let’s try to understand the main aspects of choosing an electrician and understand how to recognize a professional.

# 1. Basic types of electricians

When it is necessary to carry out electrical work, the question of who is the best to turn to is almost the first to come up. All specialists can be conventionally divided into several types:

  • how to find a good electrician 3electricians from the capital’s state organizations, for example, from the housing office. Not all, but very many employees of such institutions have problems with alcohol. Many such electricians are not interested in doing all the work quickly and efficiently, because the management organization receives payment for the service. Such specialists can be trusted to install a switch or a chandelier, but they should not be called for more important and large-scale work;

  • so-called shabashniki, which are innumerable in the capital and other cities of the country. These are, as a rule, people with special education and decent work experience in construction companies, although there are also less professional electricians. It is difficult to check their reputation: you need to trust either your intuition or the reviews of friends. Prices are usually low, and the speed of work is often not the best. In general, such specialists can perform work with high quality, but the most serious drawback is that they rarely give a guarantee for their work, therefore, in which case, it will be difficult to find and force fix the problem;

  • how to find a good electrician 2construction teams, which consist of people performing work in completely different fields. It is very difficult to be equally highly skilled in the installation of plumbing and the installation of complex electrical appliances. The result of the repair carried out by a team of such versatile specialists is difficult to assess: although everything may look nice outwardly, such subtleties as the correctness of the connections made and the calculation of the load on the wires may not be taken into account;

  • specialized companies are one of the best options. They employ qualified employees who do their job with knowledge of all the subtleties and nuances. The reputation of their company and the number of orders depend on the work of such electricians, so they work well and quickly. Pay attention that such a company gives a guarantee for their work. Residents of Moscow, for example, can contact the company “Husband for an hour. Home master”. Electrician services in Moscow can be ordered here http://muznachas.org/uslugi/elektrik-na-dom.html.

# 2. Pay attention to the electrician’s personal tool

how to find a good electrician 4A good specialist always has his own professional tool at his disposal, and in no case will ask the customer for the necessary tools for work. An electrician should have a decent amount of all sorts of tools, because many jobs require a specialized tool. If a “specialist” has come to you with a supply of wire cutters, a screwdriver and electrical tape, you can hardly talk about the high quality of the work performed and about further safety. Moreover, a good personal tool indicates that an electrician is responsible for his work and invests in the purchase of expensive equipment. The attitude to the tool also shows the level and conscientiousness of the specialist.

No. 3. Signs of a good electrician

how to find a good electricianJust one call allows you to distinguish a specialist in his field from someone who just wants to get profit as soon as possible. First of all, a professional will clarify the scope of the upcoming work and discuss the wishes of the customer, and only then will he be able to name the approximate cost of his services, unlike those who are so interested in money and not particularly interested in the quality of the services provided that they immediately set a price for their work. not knowing the details. The responsible specialist will inquire about the number and power of electrical appliances, the presence of a project for electrical work and other important details.

how to find a good electrician 5At the first acquaintance with the front of work, the electrician must give a complete description of what he is going to do. If you plan to lay electrical wiring, then the specialist will ask about what equipment, in what quantity and what capacity will be installed, so that he can determine the best ways to lay the cable. The electrician must answer all the customer’s questions, provide advice. All work must be carried out in accordance with the wishes of the customer (if this does not contradict safety measures), and not in the way that will be more convenient for the electrician. Moreover, a specialist will always explain how, in your particular case, it is better to do certain electrical work. We will not even talk about the fact that a specialist must have the appropriate education and know how to correctly and safely perform all work – this is an unspoken requirement for a specialist in this field.

A professional will work in a systematic and efficient manner, because it is in his interests to do all the work quickly and efficiently, having received a well-deserved reward. Another sign that you have a good specialist in front of you is the presence of overalls. A responsible electrician is distinguished by punctuality, decency and absence of bad habits. Even the way the electrician behaves after completing the work can say a lot, because the specialist cleans up the workplace after himself. Of course, a specialist confident in the quality of his work provides a guarantee for them.

No. 4. Service cost

how to find a good electrician 6With this point, things are not so simple. One might assume that the high price is a guarantee that all work will be performed by a qualified specialist at the highest possible level, but domestic realities allow us to draw completely different conclusions. Sometimes far from the most professional electricians expose prices for their services, much higher than average, in the hope that the customer will consider this a sign of high quality.

On the other hand, too low a price also hardly speaks of a good specialist, because such people know their worth, they always have orders, and they will not underestimate the cost of their services. Therefore, the best strategy would be to search for services in the mid-price range – so the chance of finding really good electricians is higher.

No. 5. Work experience

how to find a good electrician 7When it comes to performing large-scale electrical work, the professional experience of an electrician plays an important role. Most customers prefer to deal with a specialist who has 5-7 years of experience behind him. Nevertheless, there are quite capable, neat and responsible young professionals who are rapidly growing professionally. Sometimes these electricians do the job even better than their more experienced colleagues who do not want to develop.

The field of work of an electrician deserves more attention. If a specialist has worked for decades at a manufacturing enterprise or at a construction site, then some issues related to electrical work in a residential building or apartment will become too difficult for him. For example, an electrician who laid the wiring in a house under construction, although he will work quickly, may have difficulties in independently developing the optimal wiring system, since he is used to working according to a ready-made plan. Therefore, for some specific electrical work in the office, apartment and at the enterprise, specialists with different training will be needed.

In conclusion

The recommendations of friends and acquaintances can also be taken into account, because from the reviews it will be clear how the electrician treated his work, how quickly and efficiently he solved the problem. Finally, we note that a good specialist often has to wait, because he has a queue of orders.

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