5 tips for choosing a shoe rack for the hallway

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What does each of us do when we cross the threshold of the house and find ourselves in the hallway? Of course, he takes off his outer clothing and shoes. And if a storage system for things is equipped in almost every hallway, then shoes are often randomly scattered over it. Many people believe that an additional piece of furniture for storing shoes will not fit into an already small hallway. This is a serious misconception! The chaotic arrangement of shoes makes you perceive the room as more tiny and cluttered. It is much better to choose a shoe rack that is suitable in size and shape. Despite the seeming simplicity of the task, the huge modern choice of these interior items can be confusing. Let’s figure out the main selection parameters.

# 1. What type of shoe rack should I prefer?

All types of shoe racks can be divided into two large groups:

  • open;
  • closed.

They can be presented in the form of shelves, cabinets or benches, be full-sized or compact. Depending on the combination of these characteristics, the following main types of shoe racks are distinguished:

  • galoshes. In fact, these are open shelves for shoes, but at the same time their design can have both the simplest and unusual design, be of any height. A clear advantage is the ability to put on shoes of different sizes, and even wet ones, because due to airing, they dry quickly and do not deteriorate. Minus – all shoes are in plain sight, which may not please some pedantic lovers of order;
    shoe galoshnica

  • wardrobe-bona. This is a fairly voluminous piece of furniture, inside which there is a lot of shoe shelves: they can be located at an angle or be straight. Shoes, boots, boots and other items rest on the entire sole, so they will not deform. Many people manage to fit all the shoes in such a closet. The doors can be glass, matte, blind, and by design – swing, sliding or accordion, and if the boom is located inside the wardrobe, then there will be no doors at all. The bona wardrobe allows you to keep all your shoes neatly, but not suitable for small hallways. To ventilate the space inside, it is necessary to provide ventilation holes;
    bona shoe

  • slim shoe racks with their name hint that they take up a minimum of space. They have a very shallow depth, and the fold-out shelves open 45 or 90 degrees for easy access to pairs of shoes that are stored vertically. Individual compartments or the entire door can be folded back. Such shoe racks are a salvation for small hallways, because they can even fit outside the door. The downside is the impossibility of storing bulky footwear, but manufacturers today offer slim shoe racks with different sizes of compartments, which can be an excellent solution – the main thing is to think in advance what kind of shoes will be stored in it. By the way, it is better to put clean and dry shoes in it;
    shoes slim

  • wardrobe-tube – a low storage for shoes, equipped with hinged doors. Due to its size, you can store seasonal shoes in it, and the shelves can be different in height, so the location of the boots in it will not cause problems. Shoes should be dry and clean, and in the small compartments there is a place for shoe care products. Often, such pedestals are equipped with a seat on top so that it is convenient to put on and take off shoes, and they may even have the appearance of a chest;
    shoe tumba

  • a shoe rack can be equipped in a wardrobe if nothing else fits in the hallway. Shelves for storing shoes can be stationary or retractable, the same in height or different, contain only seasonal or generally all household shoes;
    shoe in the closet
  • shops. This is a cross between pedestals and galoshes. Shoes are stored open on several racks, but the structure is equipped with a seat. The design can be anything, thanks to which the shoe rack will turn into a decoration of the hallway.
    shoe shop

Designers do not get tired of coming up with new interesting options for storing shoes in the hallway. In addition, some options can be spied on the Internet and made on your own. A shoe rack that looks like a wine cabinet will be an unusual addition to the hallway. Women’s shoes and sandals can generally be cling to the vertical bars with heels. If you turn on your imagination, you can find many more interesting options.

shoe rack wine cabinet

shoes shoes for heels

# 2. What material should a shoe rack be made of?

The convenience and durability of using this useful part of the interior of the hallway depends not only on the type of construction, but also on the material of manufacture. Today, the most common options are:

  • wooden. Beautiful, natural, but massive and expensive. Suitable for spacious hallways in classic style. They require careful care, and you cannot put dirty wet shoes in such a shoe rack. Moreover, you will have to regularly apply protective impregnations in order to maintain a neat appearance for as long as possible;
    shoe rack wooden

  • plastic shoe racks are the cheapest, quite practical and durable, but their appearance will not suit everyone. In addition, some specimens are fragile and remain scratched;
    plastic shoe rack

  • metal. Durable and practical products that are difficult to damage. To protect against corrosion, it will sometimes be necessary to renew the paint layer. Too thin sheets of metal can deform under the weight of the shoe, and this must be taken into account when choosing;
    shoe rack metal

  • glass. Such shoe racks are made of durable glass, which is very heavy. The product looks original and weightless, but practicality leaves much to be desired, because any traces of shoes and fingerprints will be clearly visible on the glass, which means that you will have to wash and polish it almost every day to preserve its appearance;
    glass shoe rack

  • Particleboard has become one of the most popular materials for shoe racks. It is inexpensive, easy to clean, allows you to create compact and lightweight products, but when wet it can begin to crack or exfoliate;
    shoe from dsp

  • The wicker shoe rack will be a nice decoration for the hallway and will perfectly fit into the country or Provence style. It is a lightweight product that allows air to enter and ventilate the shoe.
    wicker shoe rack

In this case, all possible variants of execution are also not limited to the listed variants. In some houses you can find stone shoe racks – an interesting option that cannot be bought in a store – it is laid out on the spot.

No. 3. What should be the dimensions of a shoe rack?

The answer to this question depends on the size of the hallway, how many pairs of shoes and what type will be stored in the shoe rack. If you intend to fold all the family’s shoes, incl. and winter boots, the shoe rack should be rather bulky and voluminous. Small shoe racks, such as slim fit, are suitable for storing seasonal shoes. This is a great option for a tiny hallway. You can benefit from the depth or height of the product.

shoe rack sizes

The main parameter for a shoe rack is depth. Its standard value is 60-80 cm, but you can find options with a depth of 100-120 cm and even 13-18 cm.The latter can be easily placed behind the opening door and they are suitable when there is no extra space at all, but you cannot put boots in them … Shoe racks with a depth of 40-50 cm are perfect for standard hallways in ordinary apartment buildings. If the height allows, then you can increase the number of storage places for shoes by using higher racks, cabinets and shelves for shoes. The width depends on how much free space remains in the hallway.

shoe size 2

Most problems arise when a family consists of 4-5 people, and the hallway is very small, and it is impossible to place a huge shoe rack in it, and women’s boots will not fit in a narrow one. There is also a way out in this case – a shoe rack with different heights and sizes of shelves.

No. 4. Shoe rack style

Thanks to the huge number of possible materials and decorative elements, you can choose a shoe rack that will perfectly fit into any hallway interior, and even more – will become its highlight.

If the hallway is made in a classic or baroque style, then a great option is natural wood or, in extreme cases, chipboard. It is better to complement high-tech and minimalism with a metal product, and glass shoe racks will also fit into the avant-garde or fusion style. If you decorate a wooden or wicker product with textile inserts, then such a product will decorate the Provence style hallway.

shoe style

shoe style 2

No. 5. Interesting ideas for a shoe rack

Shoe racks can be the most non-standard and even handmade. If you want to show your imagination, do not forget that the product should, first of all, be comfortable, functional and not spoil your shoes. Perhaps some of these ideas will inspire you to create your own masterpiece:

  • old buckets, wicker bags and other items after a small restoration can be used to store shoes, and put them under the bench in the hallway. This option is not for everyone, but it will fit perfectly into some hallways;
    shoe rack interesting ideas
  • A shoe rack can resemble a chest or shelf on a train. The idea is that outwardly it looks just like a bench for changing shoes, and once the lid is opened, a huge space is formed to store the mass of shoes, and even bulky items can be saved in this way;
    shoe rack interesting ideas 2
  • owners of two-story houses can use a place under the stairs for a full-fledged volumetric shoe;
    shoe rack interesting ideas 4
  • don’t forget about boxes and crates that can be used as shoe storage. One has only to put them in order a little, and then hang or arrange them with taste;
    shoe rack interesting ideas 5
  • custom-made products can be made to meet your exact requirements. Some of these shoe racks at first glance do not give out their purpose at all.


A shoe rack in the hallway is as necessary as a refrigerator in the kitchen. Shoes folded in one place is an additional plus to order and cleanliness, convenience for households and guests. A wide variety of modern models in design, dimensions and material of execution will allow everyone to choose the best option, even if the hallway is completely tiny in size.

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