5 simple tips to get rid of fleas in your basement

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The reason for the appearance of fleas in the basement is animals (rats, mice, cats, dogs, etc.) whose blood they feed on. Once in a warm, damp place (like a basement) on an animal’s fur, fleas begin to look for the most cluttered and dirty places: old things, animal beds, places under the baseboard where they actively breed. It is these places that need to be disinfected first. Basement fleas prefer damp areas with poor ventilation. As a rule, they lay eggs on rags and other debris that accumulates in the basement. Therefore, disinfection of the basement should be started with thorough cleaning of the room, repair of leaking pipes (as a source of additional moisture) and ventilation of the room.

All disinfection methods can be divided into three categories: folk, chemical and professional. We will choose the simplest ones that do not require significant efforts and time costs. You can find a more detailed list of flea control methods in our article “How to quickly get rid of fleas in an apartment: proven methods”.

Contact the professionals

It can be extremely difficult to cope with the problem of basement fleas on your own, therefore, in modern realities, people increasingly resort to the help of professionals. This is the easiest, most effective and safest way for the consumer to get rid of fleas, which gives guaranteed long-term results. complex disinsection of premises… During disinfestation, professional means are used that have a long-lasting effect, which guarantees protection against parasites for a long time. The treatment is carried out by professionals who use the latest pest control technologies with the use of professional equipment, which allows you to thoroughly and effectively treat infected areas. Upon completion, a guarantee is provided for free re-treatment in case of not achieving the expected result after the first procedure. However, when choosing a disinfection company, you should pay attention to a number of important points in order not to be deceived and get the expected result. When choosing a company, you need to pay attention to:

  • The company must have the appropriate documents permitting to carry out disinfection work in residential premises (within the framework of the current legislation of the Russian Federation, disinfection work is subject to licensing by order of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation No. 121n dated March 11, 2013, the company must have a license for medical activities, requirements for organization and the implementation of disinfection activities are established in the Sanitary and Epidemiological Rules of SP 3.5.1378-03 “Sanitary and Epidemiological Requirements for the Organization and Implementation of Disinfection Activities”, approved by the decree of the Chief State Sanitary Doctor of the Russian Federation dated 09.06.2013 N 131);
  • Preparations that will be used for disinfection must be certified and safe for humans and animals. Since disinfection is a complete treatment of the territory, including walls, furniture, baseboards, etc.;
  • Events are planned at a convenient time for you, the company makes a compromise with the client;
  • The employees spoke clearly and in detail about the upcoming event, about the drugs that will be used, as well as whether it is possible to stay in the room after disinfection or to leave it and for how long;
  • A bona fide self-respecting company does not require prepayment, all calculations are carried out after the disinfection procedure;
  • If the result does not suit you, you are guaranteed either a refund or a free re-procedure.

It is recommended to repeat this procedure once a year.

Use folk recipes

There are many alternative methods of disinfecting basements from fleas. The essence of such methods is not so much in the destruction of insects as in scaring them away. And after a while, pests may appear again. Therefore, the use of such methods is effective in the case of a small number of fleas. For our readers, we have selected several of the most accessible methods from the many popular ones.

  • One of the most effective methods is the use of wormwood. It is laid out in the corners, fleas cannot stand the smell of this grass and rush to leave the territory. If the use of the herb is not suitable for some reason, then wormwood tincture will come to your aid, which can be easily purchased at the pharmacy. This tincture is diluted with water 1: 1. This mixture should be used to wash the entire area, including walls, skirting boards and corners. In the same way, you can prevent the appearance of pests after chemical or professional disinfection. Branches of coniferous trees have a similar property.

  • A mixture of salt and soda. This mixture is poured in different places: on the floor, behind the skirting boards, in all hard-to-reach places, as well as on furniture. After several hours, the area must be vacuumed and thoroughly washed. This method works as follows: salt, falling on a flea, almost immediately corrodes its body, and soda acts in a similar way. Together, these two products quickly cleanse the room from insects, moreover, this method is absolutely harmless to people. Better and more effective if this procedure is repeated after 2-3 weeks.

  • Ammonia. A few drops of ammonia are added to the water for cleaning the floors. With this mixture, walls and floors are washed, special attention is paid to baseboards, corners and places behind furniture. Ammonia can be replaced with eucalyptus tincture, the effect will be the same.

Given the short-term effect of folk methods of dealing with basement fleas, it is necessary to repeat them regularly.

Take advantage of chemical products

The life span of fleas is short, but they leave multiple offspring, so folk methods may not be enough. In this case, it is possible to use more aggressive pest control methods. These are very effective means that can destroy the entire population almost the first time. And yet, in any case, it is recommended to re-disinfect after two weeks.

  • Flea aerosols. The main advantage of aerosols is the concentration of the substance, which, thanks to its point action, kills unwanted insects almost instantly. At the same time, point action can also be attributed to disadvantages, it is extremely long and costly to process a large area. However, if the flea habitats are small, then this method is advisable. The room is pre-cleaned of unnecessary things, after which the aerosol is sprayed on the floor and walls. The basement is closed for one or two days. Given the strong pungent odor, it is recommended to carry out such disinfection with a respirator and gloves.

  • Dust and other powder products. Powder flea repellent compares favorably with aerosols mainly in the absence of smell. This tool is scattered on the floor, the effectiveness of the action lasts at least a year. Manufacturers of powder products note that this method is safe for residents of the house and their pets, and that temperature and sun rays do not reduce the effectiveness of the drug.

  • A more effective way is special smoke bombs. As a result of use, thick smoke is emitted, which penetrates even the most inaccessible places and thus destroys insects completely. The main condition is that all doors, windows and possible openings are tightly closed. In addition, using this method will help rid the basement not only of fleas, but also of other pests (rats, mice, ants, cockroaches), if any.

Naturally, such a thorough treatment takes time and effort, but the measures taken guarantee the complete destruction of the new generation of parasites.

Use alternative methods

If, for some reason, all of the above methods of dealing with fleas in the basement do not suit you, then you can use an alternative method.

  • A fairly new, but very popular and easy-to-use tool, ultrasonic flea repellents. These scarers are a small block with a plug for an outlet. The essence of the work: the device emits ultrasound (high frequency sound), which cannot be heard by the human ear, but acts on insects as an irritant. Such a tool allows you to get rid of pests within a few days.
  • Another exotic, but no less effective device is flea traps. They differ in appearance, price, etc., while the essence of the action is the same – these devices attract insects (usually with heat and light), inside the device there is a sticky layer covered with a flea-destroying substance.

Preventing fleas in the basement

In order to prevent the appearance of basement fleas or prevent their repeated “visit”, it is important to constantly carry out prevention. The main principles of which:

  • eliminate dampness and humidity in the basement (basement fleas actively reproduce in a humid damp environment);

  • frequent cleaning and ventilation of the basement (makes the environment unattractive to pests). Pay attention to the health of the ventilation system, as well as the correspondence of the calculated characteristics of the ventilation system and the volume of the room. Do not litter the basement in general and ventilation outlets in particular;
  • restricting access for animals to the basement (the main source of fleas is animal hair, it is important to handle pets regardless of the presence of parasites and to prevent the appearance of stray animals, rats in the basement, timely baiting of rodents);

  • timely treat pets from fleas (as the main source of the appearance of fleas in the basement, it is with the treatment of pets that the disinfection of the basement from fleas begins, and their timely prevention to eliminate the possibility of the reappearance of insects);
  • disinfect several times a year, regardless of the presence or absence of insects (any disinfection does not guarantee that the problem will not come back, regular disinfection will get rid of basement fleas forever).


To summarize, disinfecting the basement from fleas is not an easy task, but doable. The complete destruction of fleas in the basement is possible only in a complex manner. Single events will be useless. In the case of the spread of insects throughout the house, it is most effective to turn to professionals who will quickly and efficiently destroy fleas in the house. If insects have appeared in only a few places, then they can be destroyed using chemical or folk methods. And do not forget about the prevention of the appearance of basement fleas for the final victory over them.

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