5 best linoleum manufacturers

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The modern building materials market is rich in variety. Today, in building supermarkets there is a huge assortment of various floor finishes, so it is not so easy to decide which linoleum is better to buy. Choosing linoleum, the main thing is not to make a mistake and get a really high-quality and solid material, characterized by excellent performance properties. To cover the floor, you can purchase carpet, laminate, parquet and, of course, linoleum, which is very popular. It is one of the most demanded materials. Linoleum floors can be seen in many living quarters and other establishments.

Linoleum rolls

Benefits of flooring

The main reasons for choosing him are quite obvious:

  • At a very reasonable price, the consumer receives good quality and aesthetic appearance.
  • In modern linoleum, manufacturers use natural raw materials.
  • Linoleum can be found in almost any supermarket that sells building materials, and it will be a great solution for any space.

5 best linoleum manufacturers

What types of this material exist, which company produces them, and which material is better – you will find out in this article.

Gerflor (France)

Gerflor linoleumThe world famous Gerflor company has 70 years of fruitful work in the construction flooring market. The Gerflor brand has been at the forefront of the construction industry for a long time, thanks to the presence of a huge range of unique solutions that fully meet the list of regulatory requirements for residential and office premises. Note that the company pays close attention to the quality of the final product. This is why floor coverings are subject to rigorous quality standards testing.

Gerflor linoleum is used in schools, residential buildings, offices, apartments, universities, shops, restaurants, hotels, waiting rooms, sports complexes and other types of premises. Color solutions of Gerflor linoleum are presented in a wide range. It should be noted that the floor coverings were developed according to the latest technological advances in this area, and their modeling was carried out in the company’s research centers abroad.

As a result, Gerflor products are of impeccable quality, both in technical and decorative parameters. The floor coverings of this manufacturer are presented in 2, 3 and 4 rolls in width with an adhesive side, subsequently adjacent to the floor. Note that Gerflor linoleum is easy to lay with your own hands. It does not require any special maintenance, is durable and has good thermal and sound insulation properties.

Grabo (Hungary)

Grabo linoleumThe Grabo company is, perhaps, one of the well-known European manufacturers of high quality commercial linoleum. This manufacturer produces linoleum, which is based on specially made fiberglass, giving it even greater durability and strength. An important advantage of Grabo flooring is that, being heterogeneous, it resists deformation very well, has thermal insulation qualities, and also absorbs all kinds of noise well. Most often, the linoleum of this company consists of layers such as:

  1. Non-woven fiberglass layer. It acts as a stabilizing material and serves as the basis for the application of all other layers.
  2. Protective polyurethane layer. Thanks to him, linoleum acquires strength and elasticity.
  3. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC). It is resistant to wear and tear, and is usually covered with a pattern.

In order to create a balance between all layers, a special (calendered) PVC coating is used. Such linoleum perfectly absorbs noise and retains heat for a long time. The thickness of linoleum (no more than 2 mm) will absolutely not cause difficulties in the process of laying the floor covering. It should be noted that for this type of linoleum, it has a relatively low cost. All his models are collected in specific collections (Grabo Natural, Grabo Diamond Disperze, Grabo Durity, Grabo Diamond Plaza).

Juteks (Slovenia)

JuteksJuteks linoleum has been popular in the building materials market for more than 70 years. The use of modern equipment and advanced technologies in the field of PVC production allowed us to bring the company to a new international level. Today, Juteks linoleum is known in various countries: Australia, many European countries, New Zealand and Asian countries. The main advantage of the manufactured products is the special PU protection.

Note that linoleum is treated with a special protection (PU layer), providing it with a long service life. This unique protective layer provides protection from the sun, moisture, stains and dirt. Linoleum with such a protective coating is unprecedentedly practical to care for and remains like new for a long time. The manufacturer Juteks is distinguished by a rather long period of service, which, undoubtedly, must be supported by observing the rules and recommendations for the care of this flooring material. All products of the company meet generally accepted environmental quality standards.

Armstrong (International concern)

ArmstrongArmstrong is one of the most experienced and proven linoleum manufacturers. Today in Russia and in many other countries of the world, the linoleum of this company is considered to be the coating that successfully combines the increased strength and wear resistance of the material, the availability of a wide variety of colors, as well as an acceptable cost compared to analogues from other manufacturers.

The main advantages are excellent sound insulation, retains heat. Its additional characteristics depend solely on where it will be used. For example, the thickness of the working layer can be very different, possibly a fiberglass base. Any Armstrong linoleum is ideally combined with a warm floor system. In its work, the company adheres to the correctly chosen strategy. Its main reference point is the needs of customers, which is why modern equipment from leading manufacturers is used for its production, innovative technologies are constantly being introduced into production. The combination of these qualities and the attention of the manufacturer to every detail makes their products one of the most demanded in the world.

Tarkett (Russia)

TarkettTarkett Linoleum is a superior product with added value to consumers. In the linoleum production process, the latest innovative means are used, in addition, the latest trends in the field of interior design are constantly studied. The popularity of Tarkett is due to the impeccable quality of products and full compliance with international standards. Currently, there are 8 different linoleum collections, each of which includes 60 designs for every taste and color. A huge selection of assortment allows you to choose the right option for almost any, even the most demanding customer.

This world renowned company of the international level managed to win the trust of a huge number of consumers all over the world in the shortest time. The company has a special approach to business, in addition, the company’s values ​​are extremely simple and understandable to every person. Tarkett manufacturers are convinced that flooring is not only one type of material that is used as a floor finish, but also a source of human mood and emotions. Note that all the materials around us are capable to some extent simulate this or that atmosphere in the house, office or in any other place. That is why it is not so much production and profit margins that matter to Tarkett, but rather the trust of consumers who are central to their work.

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