4 tips for choosing a chair in the executive’s office

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The executive office is the heart of any company. Here important meetings and negotiations are held, and the first impression of clients and partners, as you know, can affect the outcome of the transaction. When decorating a chief’s office, it is important not only to emphasize the consistency of the company, but also not to slide into bad taste. All interior details should be combined with each other, and the executive chair is no exception, as it attracts attention almost in the first place. Of course, it should remain comfortable, but at the same time be made of quality materials, in harmony with the style and color scheme of the cabinet.

General requirements for the manager’s chair

The director, manager, top manager, as a rule, spends more time at the workplace than subordinates, and sometimes stays up until the night. This means that the working chair should be as comfortable as possible, support the spine well and allow you to relax. When choosing, consider the following parameters:

  • type of base. The best choice for a manager is a mobile chair with a cross base. The more supports the better. In our case, the optimal number will be 5 supports. It is better to choose the base itself from metal – it is durable and looks solid. Furniture plastic costs and looks cheaper, but in operation it shows itself not much worse;

  • the back must have an anatomical shape, i.e. repeat the bends of the spine, therefore, preference is given to models with a headrest and a roller in the zone of lumbar deflection. The angle of inclination of the backrest should be regulated, sometimes the adjustment is carried out simultaneously with the setting of the seat height;

  • the seat can be of different softness and depth. A hard seat is not the best option for a manager, it is better to give preference to medium-hard and soft counterparts, but this is still a matter of individual preferences. It is important to choose the correct depth of the seat: when the back rests on the backrest, there should be a distance equal to the width of the palm between the end of the seat and the knees. Otherwise, the seated person will either slide or constantly lean on their feet;

  • armrests and headrest are mandatory attributes of a chair for a manager. An exception is when a particular detail does not match the style of the cabinet;

  • casters can be soft or hard. The former move better on elastic surfaces. If carpet is used in the office, then it is better to choose solid rollers. Many executive chairs have casters;
  • The swing mechanism will also be useful for the chair.

It is best for the future owner to try sitting on an armchair before buying and personally assess how comfortable a particular option is.

Executive chair material

As a rule, many chairs are quite comfortable. How to choose the right one? Evaluate the appearance of the model and how well it can fit into the interior of the office. The material for making the chair deserves priority attention:

  • genuine leather is the best option for an executive chair. The material looks expensive and emphasizes the status – what we need! In addition, the leather is good at repelling dirt and dust, is quite durable and resistant to abrasion. Maintenance is minimal – wipe it with a damp cloth from time to time. Leather is a versatile material that will fit in with any style. Most leather armchairs are black, burgundy or brown – a bit conservative, but most chic, according to many executives. On sale it is easy to find leather armchairs of light and bright shades – they look no less presentable, but they will not fit into any interior;

  • eco-leather is an artificial analogue of genuine leather, which looks no different from it, but costs much less. The composition and production technology of the material allow you to maintain air permeability, therefore it will be very comfortable to be in such a chair. In terms of durability, eco-leather is inferior to natural, but with constant care it will last a lot. Outwardly, such an armchair will look no less solid than a genuine leather armchair. There are many color options, but the first in popularity are still the same black, brown, burgundy, white and beige;

  • fabric is a more budgetary finishing material. Its main advantage is the variety of colors, patterns and textures. In terms of durability, textiles are inferior to leather, moreover, it absorbs odors, can fade and wear out relatively quickly. Choose a breathable, absorbent fabric with high strength and durability;

  • the grid is not so common in executive offices. This is an option for more progressive individuals and for offices decorated in a modern style. The mesh supports the spine well, as it literally takes its shape, allows air to pass through, and it looks original. The mesh color is usually white, beige or black.

Also pay attention to the material used for the armrests and base. Chromed metal is often used – a good option for a modern cabinet. In addition, the metal has the highest strength and durability. If the upholstery is made of leather or eco-leather, the armrests may be fully or partially covered with leather. Such products look stylish, and the seated person will be as comfortable as possible. Instead of metal, furniture plastic is sometimes used, which can significantly reduce the cost of the product.

A special chic is the wooden armrests. In such chairs, the cross is, as a rule, also decorated with wooden overlays. It turns out that the boss is confident in himself and in the future of his company. This option will be most appropriate in the classic style.

However, whatever the style of the office, in the company “DEFO” there is always a suitable executive chair… The company is engaged in the production and sale of office furniture, cooperates with the best suppliers and follows the latest trends, so you can be sure of the quality of the products. All products are guaranteed for 10 years, and furniture can be purchased both in showrooms in Moscow, St. Petersburg and the regions, and via the Internet. When you buy multiple items, you will receive a free design project so you know how best to arrange your office space.

Color and shape

When choosing the color of the chair, the leaders are guided by two principles:

  • the chair should correspond to the color scheme in which the office is decorated, and since for these purposes, neutral shades are usually chosen that do not distract attention from business, the most common colors for chairs are black, brown, dark blue, burgundy, white, beige and gray. It’s simple: if the room is decorated in dark colors, then the chair should be so, light shades are suitable for light interiors, but monochrome solutions look the most interesting. In such cabinets, dark cabinets can be combined with a white leather armchair, and everything will look harmonious and stylish;

  • an armchair in a bright, contrasting shade is a bold decision that will be appropriate in a modern-style office. Against the background of light walls and the same furniture, a red armchair will look interesting. You can choose some kind of corporate shade – it will turn out to diversify the interior and bring the spirit of the company.

Don’t forget that there are more than just plain chairs. They look boring and are able to diversify the strict office interior.

As for the shape of the chair, in most cases the seat and backrest are traditional – the flight of design thought affects only a few details. This is understandable – the chair should first of all be comfortable. If desired, you can find non-standard solutions. For fans of the classic style, there are armchairs that imitate almost a real throne, and for those who appreciate everything modern and futuristic, there is an armchair whose back consists of several large oval supports. Wanting to stand out, you should not go to extremes, because you will have to sit in a chair for a whole working day.

Cabinet style

We will not discover America if we say that the executive chair should be in harmony with the general style of the office. As a rule, the following directions are used in offices:

  • the classic style is chosen by companies wishing to emphasize their reliability, solidity and adherence to tradition. This is especially true for financial institutions. This style is characterized by the use of expensive natural materials, therefore it is better to choose an armchair with upholstery made of genuine leather, and the armrests and other details should be made of wood. If you wish, you can take a carved product. The backs are often decorated with a carriage tie. The back shape is regular, oval or rectangular. The preferred shades of the style are brown, beige, white and light green, so the chair is matched accordingly;

  • hi-tech is an ideal solution for companies that work in the field of electronics, software and other enterprises that want to create an image of a progressive, modern and open to innovation company. The style assumes the use of modern materials, so you cannot do without chrome details in the chair’s decoration. The upholstery material can be any – leather will look good, only without unnecessary decor, and fabric and mesh. High-tech does not tolerate an abundance of decor, but welcomes unusual shapes, so you can experiment with the shape of the back and handles. The color scheme is restrained. The choice of the shade of the chair depends on how the office is decorated, but armchairs in black, dark gray and white are often used;

  • minimalism is often confused with hi-tech, but in an office space they really resemble each other very much. The difference is that high-tech focuses on new technologies and materials, in minimalism this is not, but there is the same preference for simplicity and a minimum of details. The armchair should be of a laconic form, without pretentious decor, and comfort remains in the first place. Usually, cabinets in a minimalist style are decorated in light shades, monochrome solutions are often used;

  • loft is a rare choice for a manager’s office. It is preferred by companies that develop fundamentally new products and solutions, are engaged in creativity and art. Furniture in such an office should be rough and massive, but a more modern chair can be taken, relying on convenience. The preferred shades are dark, the decor is minimal, the shape is the simplest. Leather is used as a material, much less often textiles;

  • art deco is another option for arranging the office of a company that is associated with creativity. It combines modernity and classics, there is a place for bold decisions and creativity, so do not be afraid to use a chair of an unusual shape. Manufacturing materials – natural. Preference for leather and its combination with wood.

Other interior styles are rarely used in office spaces.

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