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Despite the recent appearance of combinitases on the markets, due to their sufficient popularity, at the moment there is already a wide range of models. Combounitase is a combination of several devices in one, which can significantly save space and money. Instead of buying and installing a conventional toilet, washbasin and bidet, it is now enough to choose one complex, compact and ergonomic device, which is quite possible to reduce the costs of both purchase and installation. Plus, you can reduce your water consumption by up to 25%.

A person spends on average about an hour a day in the toilet, this is enough to take the right choice of a model with all responsibility, which will ensure the convenience and practicality of everyday use.

Combi toilet material

  1. Faience is the most popular and widespread material, the reason is its relatively low cost. They are produced by preparing and firing earthenware using a special technology that minimizes the porosity of the feedstock. Covered with glaze. Despite all efforts, it is not possible to get rid of all the pores during manufacture. During operation, they become clogged, which makes the product look unaesthetic and contributes to the development of pathogenic bacteria on the surface. It is problematic to clean such a product, in addition, sanitary ware devices are quite fragile. Over time, cracks and chips may appear.

  2. Porcelain is a much more durable and durable material compared to faience, capable of serving for more than one decade. Due to its greater density, it is able to withstand mechanical stress. Sanitary porcelain toilets look aesthetically pleasing and respectable, but they are quite expensive. It is much easier to care for such products, since the material has much fewer open pores. As well as faience toilet bowls, it is covered with glaze.
    When choosing glazed sanitary ware, special attention should be paid to the quality of the coating. You should check the uniformity of its application and color, make sure there are no cavities, chips and microcracks. The surface should be smooth and even; ease of use and cleaning depends on it.

  3. Steel – used mainly for toilet bowls in public washrooms. Products made of stainless steel have increased abrasion and resistance to mechanical stress, most often they are made in an unusual design. Due to the smooth working surface, they are easy to clean. The absence of pores on quality steel toilets prevents bacteria from growing. The downside is the rather high cost and discomfort during operation associated with the sensation of cold in contact with the skin.
    When choosing a toilet bowl made of steel, you should give preference to trusted manufacturers. Cheap Chinese replicas, most likely, will not have the above advantages (the metal may be of poor quality, and the walls may be too thin). When buying, you should pay attention to the appearance of the surfaces, make sure there are no cavities and casting defects.

  4. Artificial and natural stone – toilets made from these materials are very expensive and are mostly made individually. The advantages are the ability to choose product design and high quality. The disadvantages include only high cost. If you have already decided to shell out an impressive amount for a stone toilet, it is better not to buy a finished product in a store, but to contact specialized manufacturing companies. In this case, you will have the opportunity to choose an individual design, get additional guarantees and warranty service.

  5. Acrylic is a lightweight, fairly budget material, with average strength indicators. Of the minuses, fragility in cheap Chinese models, tenderness of a coating that does not withstand serious mechanical cleaning. The advantages include the price and ease of installation.

Design features of combinitases

Regardless of the model and modification, all combinitases have three common distinctive details:

  1. Water filter. To avoid odor and soap deposits on the toilet bowl, the water from the sink does not immediately enter the tank, it passes through the filter and is reused in the form of a cleaned one, when draining. When choosing a combinitase, it is important to consult with the seller about the frequency of filter maintenance for a specific model of a plumbing fixture, to find out whether it is necessary to replace the cartridges in this modification and their availability on the market.

  2. Water overflow control system – thanks to it, you can use the sink for an unlimited amount of time, it will independently redirect the flow of water from the barrel to the sewer.

  3. Double water supply system – if the amount of water when using the sink does not ensure filling the tank, then it will additionally be filled from the water supply system directly.

How to choose a combinitase model

The range of variations of combinitase is huge, let’s try to systematize and describe the presented models. They can differ:

By type of installation

  • Floor and wall (suspended). For wall-mounted toilets, an installation is used, which in the process of finishing is hidden behind a false wall, the cost of such a structure is usually more expensive. The floor-standing toilet, like a normal toilet, is supported and fixed to the floor.

  • With bottom and side connections to the sewer pipe and water supply. Before choosing, it is important to pay attention to how the drainage and water supply system is arranged in your bathroom. Choosing the right option will greatly simplify installation.

  • In terms of functionality, 2-in-1 toilets are distinguished, which combine a washbasin and a toilet, and 3-in-1 – additionally equipped with a hygienic shower that performs the functionality of a bidet. 2-in-1 models are connected only to cold water supply, which causes some inconvenience in operation. You will have to wash your hands with unheated water. Devices equipped with a bidet function may not have this disadvantage. It is important when choosing to check with the seller this moment. Since the set for a hygienic shower can be a separate mixer, mounted on the wall or built into the spray handle, or have a common mixer for the washbasin and bidet. This will allow you to use hot water and wash your hands.

  • There are static models with dynamic parts. Secondly, the washbasin serves as a lid for the bowl and in order to use the toilet, it is necessary to move the sink to the side. After completion, replace and rinse. When choosing a plumbing fixture with swivel parts, special attention should be paid to the mechanisms responsible for the movement. They must be of high quality and durable, as they will most likely be the first to fail.

  • According to the layout, there are monoblock and compact, as well as various variations with built-in furniture. In the first, only the sink is removed, in the second, you can also separate the tank. Still others are complemented by all kinds of removable drawers and shelves for organizing and storing various items.

  • When choosing a model, you should be guided by a combination of price and quality and take into account the complete set required for you.
  • In advance, you need to determine the dimensions of the device, make sure that the plumbing device harmoniously fits into the space, while maintaining ease of use.
  • Check the possibility of installation in your bathroom. If necessary, change or supplement the water supply and sewerage systems. Or, as accurately as possible to match the model to the existing layout.

Advantages and disadvantages of combinitase

The benefits include:

  • Saving space. Often, the apartment has rather small bathrooms, a combo-toilet is an opportunity to organize a full-fledged toilet on a few square meters. An ideal choice for people who do not like en-suite bathrooms but do not have a lot of space at their disposal.

  • Saving water. In the context of constantly growing prices for housing and communal services, this is an important factor. A 25% reduction in consumption is a significant figure; with a large number of people, the savings will be very noticeable.

  • Modern design. The models are distinguished by their uniqueness and modernity; they will easily decorate the most refined interior. A huge assortment will satisfy even sophisticated buyers.

  • If we compare the total cost of purchasing and installing separately a high-quality toilet bowl, washbasin, bidet and the same costs for a combinitase, the second option, in many cases, will be cheaper.

The disadvantages include:

  • Kombounitase needs to be washed and disinfected more often in order to prevent the appearance of an unpleasant odor.
  • The emotional aspect. Some people may experience discomfort when brushing their teeth or washing their hands over the toilet.

  • Most models provide only cold water connection. This will possibly cause discomfort for users, especially during the cold season.
  • Restricted access to the washbasin in some models.
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