14 ways to get rid of ants in your apartment

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Residents of private houses are familiar with situations when ants periodically appear in the house. With the onset of warmth, they wake up and rush to explore new territories. Most often, we are talking about small black garden ants. Wood-boring ants are often found in wooden houses. But the residents of the apartments are not without the “joy” of such a neighborhood. In this case, the owners get bored with little red goosebumps. In the article, we will consider the most effective ways to get rid of ants in an apartment forever, as well as find out which methods turn out to be useless in practice.

Why are ants in an apartment dangerous?

Any insects in the apartment are annoying. Who will be pleased to watch how small creatures scurry about in a sugar bowl, in a bread bin, or crawl over fresh fruit in a vase?

Now imagine that before crawling over food, a table or kitchen cabinets, ants visited the basement, the staircase, the garbage mine and other places, from where worm eggs and various infections could be brought on their paws. Besides:

  • Insects spoil food;
  • Some species of ants, for example, garden ants, which you could have accidentally grabbed in things when returning from the cottage, can cause aphids to appear on indoor plants.

The conclusion is unambiguous – you need to get rid of ants. Let’s consider all possible methods and analyze their effectiveness.

How to scare away insects

Ants are socially active insects with a clear hierarchy. Each family can number from hundreds to several thousand individuals. Moreover, each insect plays a specific role and strictly follows its purpose. Before choosing your apartment as their permanent residence, scout ants will come to the area. They literally “scout the situation” and if they find enough food and water, they will bring their brothers. If you find insects just at this stage, getting rid of them will be much easier.

Many seek to simply kill the scout ants, but there is a chance that others will come in their place. The fact is that insects leave traces on their way with the help of pheromones. This is how their paths are formed. And from a humane point of view, remembering that ants are an important component of the biological chain, it is better to just scare them away from your home.

This can be done as follows:

  • Using regular sunflower oil. People say that they scared off insects by simply tracking the ant paths and making small pools of oil along the way. You can use an eyedropper to make oil paths across or along an antlike path. The smell of oil, which we practically do not smell, is unbearable for insects;

  • Ground pepper, dry mustard or cinnamon can be used as a deterrent against insects. Due to the fact that the aroma can quickly disappear, the selected substance must be renewed periodically, about 1 time in 3-5 days, and should be done regularly. Only in this case will the method work;
  • Some housewives share that in the case of fighting single insects, they were helped by coffee grounds, which they used as indicated in the paragraph above;
  • A proven method is to apply water to ant paths with the addition of ammonia. In 1 liter of water, you need to dilute 4 tablespoons. ammonia. This method is suitable if it is possible to leave the room for a while, while the pungent smell disappears. This method also works if the ants have accumulated in hard-to-reach places. Just spray the composition with a spray bottle. Be sure to wear protective equipment for your eyes and smell. Even after the smell has disappeared, insects will feel it;
  • Instead of ammonia, you can use natural essential oils of mint, rosemary, thyme, clove, lavender, lemon, orange. Add 2-4 drops of oil to a glass of water, moisten a cotton pad and wipe the baseboards around the room with it. It is important not to overdo it, otherwise it will be unrealistic to be in the room;

  • The method of fighting ants using an ultrasonic repeller, which is usually used to combat moles and other rodents, has gained many positive reviews. It is only important to choose a model where it will be indicated that its action extends to insects.

Please note that all these methods really work if the ants only come to you in search of food. If they have established an anthill in your apartment, more radical measures will be required.

Effective folk ways

Only by destroying the ant’s nest together with their queen will it be possible to get rid of insects forever.

In this case, the following methods will help:

  • Making homemade bait based on boric acid. One hard-boiled egg yolk is ground with a fork. Add a teaspoon of powdered sugar and 20 g of boric acid. Mix everything thoroughly and form small balls from the “dough”. They are laid out in places of the greatest concentration of ants. Some people just add acid to honey and arrange caps with treats. However, many users note that ants simply ignore such bait. If you don’t have pets, you can use raw minced meat instead of yolk. But this method is rather dubious. After all, small portions of raw meat at room temperature will quickly deteriorate, and begin to exude an unpleasant odor, which will then be difficult to get rid of;

  • Another poison bait is prepared on the basis of nutritional yeast, sugar and boric acid. A small package of yeast is mixed with 1 tbsp. fine granulated sugar and 20 g of acid. The composition is distributed on flat preservation lids and placed in the right places. You can do without acid. In this case, the bet is placed on the fact that the yeast composition brought to the nest will spoil the food reserves intended for the larvae. Without food, they will die, and the ants will prefer to go in search of a new habitat;

  • Starch + icing sugar. The ingredients are mixed in equal amounts and distributed along the ant paths. After entering the stomach, the starch will begin to swell, which will lead to the death of insects. Semolina gives an illogical effect;

  • Using diatomaceous earth. This product is safe for both humans and pets. It is made from the fossil remains of diatom algae that are milled. The result is dust, consisting of sharp particles. When an insect comes into contact with such a particle, the chitinous cover is damaged. This damages his internal organs and leads to death. For a person, contact with the substance is safe, since the skin has high elasticity and elasticity, it is impossible to damage it with such small particles. Diatomaceous earth should be poured in places of the greatest concentration of ants, the intended place of their habitation or penetration into the apartment.

Despite the fact that many positive reviews indicate the effectiveness of the above methods, sometimes the struggle with the help of folk remedies is tedious and fruitless. If you are categorically against purchased products, try using several formulations at the same time.

Methods that DO NOT work

Based on the negative reviews that were encountered in many forums and in the comments, we have compiled a list of folk remedies that, in practice, did not have any effect.

  • Scotch + jam. Some resources suggest making a homemade trap, which would be a rectangle of thick cardboard with double-sided tape glued around the perimeter. Accordingly, sweet jam should be placed in the center of the trap, which should lure the ants. On the way to the treat, the insect should stick to the tape. In fact, either the ants are absolutely not interested in jam and even honey, or they manage to catch an insignificant number of individuals;

  • Millet. In general, the use of millet as a remedy for ants is based on its similarity to ant eggs. As if at the sight of grains, the insect should perceive it as eggs of a larger species and leave the territory, and not on eating cereals, as many think. A very small number of users noted the positive effect of its use. Most argue that the ants simply ignored the white grains, or even carried them away from their habitat;

  • Tobacco dust. In addition to the fact that this is a harmful substance, which is a waste of tobacco production and it is undesirable to use it in an apartment, in practice the composition turned out to be useless;

  • A vinegar solution. Apparently, the vinegar solution does not smell pungent enough for ants, as many say that the insects continued to follow their paths after processing them, as if nothing had happened.

Crayons and powders

The most affordable and easy to use are special crayons or dry powders.

It is also the weakest agent in its action. You need to scatter it or draw lines in places where insects most often appear. Don’t forget to treat their most popular habitats – under baseboards, in the corners of kitchen cabinets, under the kitchen table, etc. It is noteworthy that the famous “Mashenka” crayon did not have the desired effect. Much more positive reviews were found about the drug:

  • “A great warrior”;
  • «BROS»;
  • “Thunder – 2”;
  • “Delicious”;
  • Carbophos;
  • “Clean house”;
  • «Pyrethrum»
  • “Antimuravyin”.

Ant gels

Gels are sold in special syringes or in tubes. The composition is completely safe for humans and animals.

The gels are used as follows: the drug is applied in a dotted line along the ant paths and in all places where insects were most often seen. The action of the gels is delayed. The ants not only eat the bait with a sweet smell and taste, but also manage to bring it to the nest and feed the queen, namely, the death of the queen is the key to success in this case. The most popular are:

  • “Raptor”;
  • “Storm”;
  • “Clean house”;
  • «Clobol».

Traps and baits

When choosing a trap or bait for ants, you need to pay attention to the time after which the poison begins to act.

  • If you buy a bait with a closed body, but inside which there is an instant poison, you will only be able to eliminate the worker ants. A living queen will quickly reproduce new offspring and fill up the empty ranks;
  • Electric bait has a similar effect;
  • The bait with a sticky layer will also not get rid of the entire anthill, but will only be effective if the ants come to you for food or have been spotted for the first time. After applying them, it is imperative to process the room with one of the means described in the second paragraph of the article in order to avoid the reappearance of ants;
  • The best traps are closed-body traps with delayed-action bait inside.

Pay attention to the traps “Raptor”, “Combat”, “Raid”, “Deadex”, “Delicia”.

Aerosols and liquids

The most concentrated are liquids and various aerosols.

Before purchasing them, be sure to check if they are safe for pets and if they can be used in residential areas. Aerosols are sprayed and liquid formulations are applied with a brush to skirting boards, window frames, and other places where ants appear most often. Complete destruction of insects occurs within a day, or even earlier. After spraying the product, the room must be closed, and after the time specified in the instructions, ventilated. After using the drug, the effect lasts for several months. If you notice a winged ant in your apartment, aerosol will help you get rid of it as soon as possible. It is sprayed directly onto the insect. The following drugs have proven themselves well:

  • “Masterlak”;
  • «Get»;
  • “DETA”;
  • «Raid»;
  • «Cоmbat»;
  • «Oro»;
  • “MultiSpray”;
  • Fumitox.

In especially neglected cases, it is worth asking for help from a special service.

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