10 tips for choosing a refrigerator color for your kitchen

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It is safe to say that planning a kitchen interior is one of the most difficult tasks in renovation. It is necessary not only to think in advance about the location and arrangement of all pieces of furniture, but also to accommodate a large number of various household appliances in a small area. The most problematic element is often the refrigerator due to its size. And if there are no problems with the choice of a model or brand, then the choice of color can be confusing. In this article, you will find 10 tips for choosing the color of the refrigerator and recommendations for choosing the right shade for a particular style of interior.

Selection rules

Recently, a very popular way to transform a standard interior and make it more modern and bold is to purchase colored household appliances.

Fortunately, today there will be no problems with this, since many manufacturers, both European and domestic, offer a wide selection of colors. Before you start choosing a specific shade, you need to familiarize yourself with the useful rules for choosing a colored refrigerator:

  • You should not focus on the color of other household appliances. It used to be fashionable to select all the equipment in one color, and the choice was not great – white, black, metallic. Now the color of the refrigerator can be tied to small details or even be an independent color element;
  • If the room is small, give preference to the lighter colors of the refrigerator. This will avoid the effect of hiding space, and light, pastel shades will make a heavy object visually less overall;
  • A colored refrigerator can quickly get bored, so making a choice in favor of non-standard shades is only worthwhile if you are really an admirer of bold decisions and bright experiments;

  • If you are hesitant to get a color unit, but also do not want to resort to the classic white version, consider refrigerators with a pattern or special vinyl decals. This will diversify the interior and bring bright colors into it without radical changes;
  • The desired shade should not be the determining criterion when choosing a technique. It is much more important to choose a quality manufacturer and a set of necessary functions, and select a shade from the product line of the selected brand.

What to combine the color of the refrigerator with?

A colored refrigerator is a must when creating an interior as a whole.

If you plan to develop a kitchen design on your own, keep in mind a few rules that in the future will help you easily choose the color of the kitchen set or enter the selected shade of technology into an already finished room:

  • The color should be compatible with other interior items. There are many options to “fit” a color unit into the big picture. The most common and easy-to-use method is to match a few more large items of a similar shade to the color of the refrigerator. This technique will help eliminate the chance that the refrigerator will appear as an irrelevant color spot. For example, a yellow refrigerator + yellow wall clock and a set of cups. Red refrigerator + red coffee maker and bread bin, etc .;

  • The second option is not to combine with anything and make bright household appliances the center of the color composition. Then only the refrigerator can have a distinctive color, and the rest of the interior should be monochrome. It is important to choose the right color here. For example, against the background of gray tones, shades of yellow, red, purple, turquoise will look advantageous. Gray has a unique feature – being the background for another shade, it greatly enhances its saturation and emphasizes brightness. Against the background of white walls and / or the headset, shades of blue, blue, green, orange, yellow and many other colors will look fresh and bright, because white is a basic and universal color;

  • The third option is to match the color of the refrigerator to match. If the two previous options are too daring for you, and the classic white color of the refrigerator is still repulsive, a win-win option would be to select a shade of technology to match the color of the kitchen set. This technique will help make a bulky object not so noticeable and visually dimensional. If the refrigerator is not located on the same line with the furniture, but is installed separately, it is better to match its color to the surrounding walls;

  • In addition, the color of the refrigerator can be combined with the color of curtains or blinds, upholstery of chairs or kitchen corner, the color of floor tiles or kitchen apron;
  • An interesting option for choosing a shade of appliances for a kitchen combined with a living room or hallway would be matching the color of the wall in an adjacent room. Notice how interesting it looks in the photo below. Such an interior looks uniform and harmonious.

Fridge shade and interior style

Not only the color of technology, but also its shape determines the ability to combine a colored refrigerator with a particular style of interior.

For example:

  • Modern trends in design, such as hi-tech, loft, minimalism, are characterized by strict, clear silhouettes, the absence of curved and rounded edges. Monochrome interiors in gray, white, black tones will perfectly match, and create the right contrast with refrigerators in red, yellow, rich blue and black tones and rectangular shapes;
  • Interiors in a Scandinavian or nautical style involve the use of blue, blue, turquoise tones. Any form of technique can be;
    If you have chosen an unusual shabby chic style or a popular Provence for decorating your kitchen, then pale pink, blue, green, lilac, cream shades are suitable for such an interior. And the refrigerator itself should have rounded edges and a slightly convex shape;

  • Suitable colors for the Renaissance or Baroque style will be emerald, burgundy, burgundy, plum, deep blue;
    New eco, country, rustic or classic styles go well with natural woody shades.

So, for example, a successful model is presented in the TOPSTO online store refrigerator Indesit TT 85 T, whose body imitates the colors of natural wood panels.

The store offers affordable prices, a convenient payment system and a wide range of products.

White refrigerator

The white refrigerator is a classic. Such a piece of equipment is in perfect harmony with the light facades of the kitchen set and with interiors in light colors in general.

A white refrigerator can look less boring and mundane if it is decorated with a chrome handle. Popular, but more expensive, are glass refrigerators with a glossy, almost mirror-like surface. In white, they look particularly sophisticated and elegant and are suitable for both modern and classic interiors. The indisputable advantage of white is that it does not hide the space and does not attract excessive attention. However, in some cases, white refrigerators do not look entirely appropriate. For example, if the kitchen design is made of natural wood, a better option would be the technique of beige, chocolate tones or with wood-like colors.

Beige or cream

Beige or cream refrigerators will perfectly fit into interiors designed in calm, pastel colors.

They will be in perfect harmony with sandy, creamy, cream, beige walls or kitchen facades. Beige and cream are also suitable for light wood furniture, bamboo blinds and light flooring. The technique of this color can be called something between the standard white and more daring shades. And if a green or yellow refrigerator may soon get bored, then this will not happen with a beige or cream one.

It is important to choose the right shade temperature for the overall color scheme, since beige and cream can be both warm and cold. In addition, the selected shades may not be pure, but with impurities of other tones – gray-beige, pink-beige, peach-beige, ivory, cream-beige. Please note that the above tones are in harmony with not only light, but also dark colors.

Pearl or marble

The pearl shade is a more interesting solution due to the presence of an unobtrusive pearl overflow.

Such a piece of technology will be favorably combined with light wood facades, decorated with decorative carvings and glass inserts. The marbled refrigerator will be a good addition to a marble countertop or window sill, marble floor tiles or kitchen backsplash. The presence of pearl or marble shades in the interior make it noble and expensive. In this case, it is important not to overdo it, otherwise the kitchen will become “cold”.

Refrigerator “wood grain”

Wooden furniture will never go out of style due to its practicality and natural beauty of the material.

A refrigerator in this design will be combined with a wooden dining group, photo wallpaper on an accent wall with a forest image, wooden blinds on the windows or a wooden floor. It will also be the best choice when it comes to the selection of equipment for a private house built from a bar. A built-in refrigerator of this color can become almost invisible against the background of wooden walls. Within small kitchens in standard apartments, it is better to give preference to light wood shades. Then the interior will turn out to be warm and cozy, and the room will seem more spacious.

“Metallic”, gray, graphite

The variety of gray options used in the manufacture of various household appliances allows you to make the interior more dynamic with little effort.

For example, if light gray shades prevail in the design of your kitchen, then using a graphite or metal refrigerator you can add the desired contrast without deviating from the desired monochrome. It is also appropriate to combine metallic refrigerators with other appliances with stainless steel elements, for example, with a hob or oven. Nowadays, stainless steel countertops have gained great popularity. This element, combined with a gray refrigerator, will create a modern and stylish kitchen interior. In addition, gray shades go well with white facades or walls, with shades of yellow, pink, mint and powdery.

Black refrigerator

Refrigerators in black look solid and expensive.

They will be appropriate in modern kitchens with chrome and glass elements. It is very important to think over the place of installation of black equipment in order to avoid direct sunlight. Black refrigerators can be either glossy, almost mirrored, or matte. You need to choose the type of surface, focusing on the kitchen facades. Also, do not forget that within a small room, glossy surfaces can visually enlarge the space due to the ability to reflect natural and artificial light. In most cases, refrigerators in black become a key element of the interior.
An interesting option is the black technique, whose surface can be used as a slate board.

Red and its shades

A popular shade for the kitchen is red and its various interpretations.

Rotten cherry color, scarlet, crimson red, burgundy – all these shades look expensive and luxurious. That is why they are often chosen for kitchen facades. The red refrigerator will be successfully combined not only with furniture of the corresponding color, but also with classic black and white interiors. One such element is enough to enliven the environment and make it lively and dynamic.

Choosing a color refrigerator, you need to understand that its service life is designed for at least 5 years, so you should not purchase equipment in bright and flashy colors if you are not sure. It is better to purchase a light gray, beige or cream refrigerator and, if necessary, diversify its appearance with a special decorative sticker.

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