10 tips for caring for your Christmas tree

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The coming of the New Year is always associated with the appearance of a lush green beauty in the house – a Christmas tree. But few people know that it is important not only to dress up a tree beautifully, but also to properly care for it. Only with proper care will it stand for a long time, without crumbling and without losing its natural beauty.

Choosing a Christmas tree

How long your New Year tree will last depends on its initial state. When buying, first of all, pay attention to several important factors:

  • Don’t buy a tree with a lot of yellow, dead needles. Run your hand over the branches, make sure that the needles do not fall off.
  • You can check the quality of the tree by lifting it above the ground in a vertical position and with a little effort knock the log on the ground. Fallen external needles indicate that this tree is bad.
  • The freshness of conifers can always be determined by their aroma. Break a few needles: if they are not wet, and the smell is too weak, the tree was felled a long time ago.

How to properly bring the tree into the house

Most people buy a Christmas tree and immediately bring it into a warm room. But this is completely wrong. A sharp drop in temperature can adversely affect the condition of the plant. The first time you need to store the tree in a cool place (a balcony, veranda or garage is perfect). It is advisable to immediately place the tree in a bucket of water, the temperature of which should be slightly below room temperature. After a few days, the forest beauty can be transferred to the house.

It is important to consider that conifers need moist air, so it is better to put a humidifier or dishes filled with water in the room. In order for the tree to stand for a long time, giving the house a unique aroma, it is recommended to place it as far as possible from heat sources (batteries and heaters).

Features of processing the trunk of a Christmas tree

An important factor affecting the beauty of a forest tree is the correct processing of the trunk before installation. It is necessary to saw off a few centimeters of the trunk, as the resin in the lower part will prevent the tree from absorbing moisture. In no case should you touch the bark and the base of the tree, since such actions will adversely affect its condition.

Tree installation

The next stage after cutting the trunk is the installation of the forest beauty. It is important to set the pruned tree within 7-8 hours. There are several options for placing a New Year tree:

  1. Installation in a crosspiece. The presented method is fast enough, but it will not be able to provide a long life for a felled tree.

  2. Installation in a bucket of sand. Sand can be purchased at any flower shop – it will help you enjoy the pine scent in your home for a long time. Please note that the sand must cover at least 20 cm of the tree trunk. To prevent the tree from withering, it is necessary to regularly water it with cool water.

  3. Installation in a container with a water-based nutrient solution. Add 1 scoop of special plant fertilizer or mix it yourself. For preparation, use a spoonful of sugar, a pinch of salt and an aspirin tablet. The solution will preserve the bright color of the coniferous coating and extend the life of the tree. You can add vinegar or citric acid to the water.

It is important to set the tree straight, if necessary, you can use additional supports for the trunk. It is better to do the installation together: this will allow you to do the job quickly and efficiently.

Choosing the location of the forest tree in the house

Most Feng Shui masters are inclined to believe that the New Year period is a time for fulfilling desires and real magic. The location of the tree plays an important role in later life and the implementation of the plan.

  • There is an opinion that sick people should not install a “dead” tree (artificial). The tree must be alive, and by placing it in the center of the room, you are guaranteed to strengthen your health.
  • If your dream is to find true love, place the tree in the east.
  • Do you want to find wealth? The New Year coniferous plant should be located in the southeast.

  • The Christmas tree located on the west side of the house will promote pregnancy and successful childbirth,
  • in the north – will help to reach heights in career growth.

Original places for the New Year tree

Don’t know how to surprise guests on New Year’s Eve? Why not make a splash with an ordinary tree? There are several original options for its location, which will certainly conquer your friends and family:

  • Hang from the ceiling. In America, it is actively practicing hanging the New Year tree upside down. At the same time, it is important that the tree is not too large and that the mount is securely fixed in the ceiling. The presented arrangement looks harmonious, and also saves space in the room.

  • Set the tree on the festive table. Of course, in this case, the coniferous plant must be small. At the same time, the main attribute of the New Year will stand out especially brightly and will allow guests to enjoy the holiday atmosphere.

Water selection

Water is one of the main aspects that directly affect the condition of the tree. It is not recommended to use liquid that has been cleaned in a household filter. The mineral-salt balance of filtered water may not be entirely useful for a forest beauty.

Bottled or distilled liquid also has a small amount of salts in its composition, but if absolutely necessary, it can be used to water the tree. The ideal solution would be to water the tree with water from a well or well.

How to properly dress up a Christmas tree

If you think that the decoration of a coniferous beauty does not affect her condition in any way, you are deeply mistaken. It is not recommended to hang too many toys on one branch – the tree may be damaged. Spread the decorations over all branches so that the load is even.

Choosing lights to decorate

Particular attention should be paid to the electric garland: check that the device is working correctly and that the wire is not damaged. Poor quality decoration will affect not only the state of the tree, but also your safety. To prevent the tree from heating up, it is better to use a garland with LED lights. It is not recommended to leave the garland on all night – watch out for fire safety in the house.

Caring for the tree after installation

Proper daily maintenance of the Christmas tree will allow you to enjoy the beauty of the tree for a long time. Keep in mind that even the most careful maintenance will prevent a forest tree from staying in your home for more than a month. Conifers love
coolness and strong air humidification, which cannot be provided at home. Do you want the forest queen to delight you all winter? The only way out is to install it on the loggia or in the garage. It doesn’t matter which tree you choose: spruce or pine: they all require careful maintenance and constant watering.

To prevent the needles from losing their bright color, regularly spray the plant with water at room temperature. Conifers love moisture, but you should not flood the tree: water it as the soil dries up, several times a week. If possible, reduce the temperature in the house as much as possible – this way you will significantly extend the life of the tree.

Is the secretion of sap and fallen needles reasons to panic?

It is important to regularly check the tree trunk for sap leaks. If it appears, it is advisable to immediately remove the sticky liquid, as it can contaminate the floor or furniture next to it. Juice dries out over time and can be difficult to remove without dedicated cleaning agents.

Fallen needles appeared under the tree? This is not a reason to panic – they will fall off anyway. If there are too many needles, reconsider caring for a coniferous inhabitant of the forest: perhaps you forgot to water it or placed it too close to a heat source?
If you forget to water the tree and it starts to dry out, cut the end of the trunk a few centimeters again. This procedure will allow the tree to absorb much more moisture, making up for its lack.

Pets and Christmas tree

Every owner knows that pets are always overly interested in new items. The Christmas tree will certainly not be an exception. It is important to keep the tree trunk safe from the claws of cats or dogs. Try some of the existing ways to protect the tree:

  • Wrap garlands or cloth around the trunk. The material will hide the sensitive bark from external damage.

  • Take a large box, turn it over and cut a hole that will fit the tree. Place the tree in the box, being careful not to damage the lower branches.

Try not to hang easily breakable toys from the lower branches. If animals show an increased interest in the tree, try limiting the pet and plant to the same room. Remember, the Christmas tree is a unique tree, it is extremely sensitive, reacts sharply to all changes in the environment.

Artificial or Alive?

Many people doubt which tree is better to choose – artificial or live. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages, but the aroma of fresh needles cannot be replaced in any way. A good alternative to both options is a hand-made tree from coniferous branches. It is enough to tie them with a rope or fix them on a prepared base, place the product in a container of water and enjoy the aroma of the holiday.

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